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Published on October 21st, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Natural Health and Fitness

You can incorporate the principals of green living into your personal pursuit of health and fitness goals. Sustainability and quality are two standards that you can keep when you maintain your health in a natural way. Not only is green health and fitness good for the environment, your personal benefits will soar by including green living choices into your health and fitness options.

Personal Fitness Reduces Stress Levels

Mountain BikingPersonal fitness makes your body strong enough to better resist illness.  Simply put: You will not need as much medication or hospitalization when you are fit and healthy.  Visits to the doctor and other health care costs will be reduced and keeping physically fit has anti-aging effects. 

So how do you stay fit and focus on the environment? You won’t need any special devices to keep fit naturally.  You may need some basic equipment such as mats, bands, balls and other exercise and sports equipment.  Walking, biking, dance, yoga and Pilates are examples of exercise types that have good physical benefits without adding pollution to the environment.  “Green gyms” have emerged on the scene to help fitness buffs focus on natural healing fitness strategies.

Natural fitness gives you a greater chance to connect with the natural world around you.  Walking around the neighborhood, the park and other eco-friendly places is good for your spirit and the earth.  Taking the time to naturally care for your health and fitness is important to conscious living on our planet.  When you are walking instead of driving, you can be assured you are cutting down on the waste of natural resources and energy. 

Here are a couple of tips to increase green fitness in your life:

  • You can park one block away or in a distant parking spot from where you would usually park and walk the extra distance regularly. 
  • Walk or ride a bike to work instead of driving. 

Get used to this new regular physical activity in your life for better health and longevity. 

You will find many opportunities to share your goals for green personal fitness when you include recreation in your life.  Take friends or family members along when you exercise; it not only helps the entire family stay in shape, it promotes a green way of staying fit in a manner the entire family can enjoy.  You will naturally gravitate to recreation and the outdoors as you pursue your personal fitness goals. Recreation and sports are two powerful ways to enjoy the great outdoors and to get fit.  Go swimming or play sports in the park.  

Natural Health and Homeopathic Remedies

When you are sick or injured, you have many naturopathic remedies available for your treatment.  Instead of pharmaceuticals, many of which are synthetic and can cause unwanted side effects, consider homeopathic cures.  This green health alternative is all-natural and suitable for even sensitive skin and stomachs.  Homeopathic medicines also have nutrients that typical pharmaceuticals do not share. But how do you know what green medicine to go with?  Take note of these natural health descriptions to help you out next time you’re shopping down the organic medicine isle. 

Instead of pharmaceuticals, many of which are synthetic and can cause unwanted side effects, consider homeopathic cures. This green health alternative is all-natural and suitable for even sensitive skin and stomachs.

Homeopathic medicine refers to the natural medicine system that uses prepared animal, mineral and vegetable materials.  Homeopathic preparations are created for improving the health of the body.  Homeopathic medicine is created according to the formulas of its homeopathic pharmacology.  The Natural Remediesnatural materials are cleaned and processed for use.  These substances can be dried naturally, dried with heat, ground, pressed into tablets and poured into capsules.  These natural substances can also be prepared as wet or liquid treatments. 

The term naturopathic medicine refers to the natural medicine system under which a physician may treat you.  The natural substances used in homeopathic medicine must cause the healing and/or improving symptoms to appear in a healthy person.  A naturopathic doctor could heal you naturally through homeopathic treatments given to you as pills, liquid preparations, salves for topical use and ground material for soaking baths.  Your naturopathic doctor can also prescribe physiotherapy and perform minor surgery. 

The term integrated medicine refers to the healing system that combines alternative healing with regular Western medical practices.  Some treatments used by a doctor who practices the integrated medicine system could include acupuncture and other Chinese medicine or holistic medicine.  Other healing practices a doctor may perform include chiropractic, osteopathy and homeopathy.  The health of the spirit can also be an element of integrated medicine. 

The term herbal medicine refers to the natural medicine system under which you may naturally treat yourself from ailments.  The most common herbal remedies include food and teas.  Herbal remedies belong to a natural healing system that is based on traditional oral and cultural knowledge from around the world.  In some cases, ancient medicinal knowledge has survived since prehistoric times. Take a look around your home – some of the herbal remedies you need might be growing in your own yard. 

Many of the herbs used in homeopathic and herbal treatments are fresh.  There are different preparations used for preparing herbs such as steaming, boiling, distillations and extractions.  Plant material can also be mashed and used a poultice.  Plant material is available in single forms, synergistic combinations and other helpful combinations. Previous knowledge of any potential allergic reactions or allergies is necessary before using any herb.  For instance, the chamomile is from the same plant family as the ragweed plant.  People with reactions to ragweed should not use chamomile.

Essential oils are extracted from material such as resin, plant parts, flower parts, roots, wood, leaf and bark.  Essential oils can be used in natural body care, fragrances, natural cleaning recipes, and healing benefits. Whether you’re into green exercise, organic health or homeopathic practices, learning to live a greener life can start with your health and fitness regime. While you’re improving your health, you’re also improving the environment. Anti-aging, a stronger body and immunity system are great effects for things you can do naturally and without much fuss.  Your life and your health are worth taking care of naturally. Choosing natural fitness and health helps protect the planet and your own body. 

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