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Published on June 27th, 2019 | by Sponsored Content


This Free Service Lowers your Power Bill with Clean Energy

Anyone who pays a power bill in the U.S. is in the same boat – every month the bill arrives, and every month it is too high.

To make matters worse, that boat we’re in is sinking.

According to the EIA, in 2018 63% of America’s energy was generated from fossil fuels. So when we pay our power bills, we are not only paying too much but also paying to destroy the environment.

But that’s finally changing.

Now there is a free service that enables anyone who pays a power bill to access clean energy and save money – without commitments, fees, installation, or changes in how you get your energy.

Many states have implemented policies that allow for residents to subscribe to shares of solar projects in their community and receive monetary credits for the energy generated by their share of the project. However, in order for there to be projects to subscribe to, third party organizations need to build, own and operate these community solar projects.

Arcadia Power has built a free platform that connects you to community solar projects in your area and automatically applies savings from the projects to your electricity bill. There are no lock-in contracts, no commitments, no fine print and no installation.

How do they do it? Arcadia Power partners directly with solar developers to build and operate projects around the country. The solar developers pay them a small percentage of the savings that the projects generate, and Arcadia Power applies the rest of the savings to your electricity bill.

It is the easiest way to save money and support clean energy. Simply enroll your utility account online, and Arcadia Power will automatically get to work to connect you to a project in your local area.

They also have a handful of other free clean energy and savings programs that you can access from your account. While all the work is done for you in the background, you are always in control and can transparently keep track of your renewable energy projects and savings in your dashboard.

Are you ready to save with solar? Sign up for free in 2 minutes.

This post was sponsored by Arcadia Power. 

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