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Satisfy Your Sensual Side with Nature

Many people love our modern systems of heavily flavored delicious food, bright colorful media outlets and flashy appearances because it feeds our senses. Humans function primarily through their sensual eyes, mouths, noses, ears and hands. Stimulation of these senses can range from alarming to highly pleasurable. Marketers have highly paid sociologists working to utilize our […]

August 4th

8 Chemicals To Avoid While Doing The Dishes

Let’s face it, doing the dishes is a part of daily life and while that may be the case, exposure to some very common and toxic chemicals shouldn’t be. When was the last time you looked at the ingredients in your dish detergent? Can you not only pronounce, but understand what each one of them […]

July 23rd

Can Pets Boost Your Health?

Owning a pet is good way for you to boost your health, fact! There is no denying that sharing your life with a member of the animal kingdom enriches your life immeasurably. It is no accident that we have evolved together, entwined our histories so much that the power of our bond is unbreakable, so […]

June 18th

Top Ten Natural Home-Based Therapies for Anxiety And Panic Attacks: Immediate Symptomatic Aids and Long Term Therapies

Understatement of the year: anxiety sucks. The good news is that there are many natural remedies available that work without the side effects associated with prescription drugs. While avoiding triggers that make you anxious is sound advice from medical professionals, the trouble is that it’s not always possible to identify and avoid all the situations […]

April 19th

Natural Home Remedies for Hangovers

Getting hangovers is so fun…until you have one. Then, it’s just hell. Here are the best natural home remedies for that pounding head, queasy stomach, wretching gut, blurry vision, and ears that just won’t…stop…ringing! There are some common elements to a hangover, whether it comes from too much beer, too much whiskey, too much wine, […]

March 17th

Rockin with Willie Nile & Running from Crazy: Inspiring Week

GD Meg got a private concert (well almost, there were about 10 people in the HomeGrownRadioNJ studio) with Willie Nile, who has just released a new CD, American Ride . . . GD Mizar and I went to New York for the premiere of Running from Crazy and not only got to see Mariel Hemingway again, but we got to meet Bobby Williams in person finally, and we made some new friends before the show.

November 5th

Choosing a Healthy Personal Lubricant: Find some Good Clean Love

Clean ingredients are important in all our personal care products, but especially those that come in contact with our most intimate body parts. The mucus membranes in the vagina and anus are especially sensitive, and we should avoid using dangerous ingredients like parabens and polyquarternium-15 in our personal lubricants. According to a recent study from […]

September 16th

Running with Mariel Hemingway Part 1: in the Green Divas Studio

The title of this article is metaphoric only, because I assure you there is no way I could physically keep up with Mariel Hemingway, if I ever had the opportunity or notion to run with her! And yes, it is my clever way of trying to weave in her two current projects — a documentary film about her family, Running from Crazy; and her new book with Bobby Williams, Running with Nature.

May 13th

Air Quality in the US- an Infographic

We love infographics- super good information wrapped up in a nicely designed package! Last week we shared an infographic about the importance of water conservation, and today we have another infographic about the existing air quality here in the United States. Infographic authored by Oransi, LLC. To view the original post, check out the original […]

February 26th

Meat Free March!

Are you ready to go meatless for a whole month? The Girls Gone Green, Julie Watkins is encouraging people to get healthy and take the No Meat March challenge during the month of March. March is National Nutrition Month and what better way to celebrate than by participating in a community-supported initiative developed to help […]

February 25th

Get your Yoga on at Wanderlust Yoga Festival!

The editors here at Green Living Ideas are super stoked to be headed to the Oahu Wanderlust Festival February 28- March 3 2013. What’s Wanderlust, you might ask? Wanderlust Festival is a global yoga festival, featuring world-renowned teachers, speakers, and music in various magical locations around the globe. This year Wanderlust is starting the festivals […]

February 19th

Natural Cures for Snoring

Surely we’ve all had the not-so-joyful experience of sharing a bed with a snoring human (or animal!). Here are some natural ways to alleviate that timber-sawing noise and get a better night’s sleep for everyone! There are a variety of natural ways to make a quiet night possible- although snoring could be a symptom of […]

February 10th

Natural Sore Throat Remedies

It’s pretty much inevitable that you’ll wind up with a sore throat at least once now that Winter is fast approaching. Rather than waste time and money on over-the-counter medicine (which really do nothing other than numb your throat,) why not try some good old fashioned, natural home remedies to stop the pain?

January 18th