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Published on October 15th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


What is Homeopathic Medicine and is it Safe?

The principle behind homeopathic medicine is: Whatever can cause an illness in large doses, can cure it in small doses.  For instance, large doses of mercury can cause cold like symptoms so a minute amount of mercury can cure them.

Pre-measured homeopathic medicines purchased from your local health food or organic medicine store have such small amounts of each substance that they are totally safe, with no toxicity effects.  If  it worries you to ingest small amounts of any homeopathic medicine, then take some time to read the remedy bottle and see the miniscule measure used.

Homeopathic medicines work in harmony with your immune system by gently stimulating it.  There are many green health care practitioners who specialize in homeopathy.  There are also many remedies available and diagnosis means noting everything surrounding the condition, and that means a professional is sometimes required.  It doesn’t work to just go to the shelf marked headache and grab a remedy!

Homeopathic medicine is less invasive to your system than traditional pharmaceuticals, but it often takes a bit longer to be effective.  In some cases, your condition may get a little worse before it hits what is known as a "healing crisis" or turning point.  It then gets better, sometimes dramatically so.

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