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Published on October 14th, 2007 | by Stephanie Evans


Herbal Remedies: A Great Way to Get Well, Naturally

Our ancestors knew how to take care of themselves long before modern medicine existed by using natural medicines found in the trees, flowers, and herbs all around them.  These remedies work gently, often without the harsh side effects experienced when using today’s prescription medicines.  They are also quite effective when taken in the proper dosages.

Today, we can use the same time honored remedies—many of which are available on your grocer’s shelves or on your spice rack.  For example, ginger is a great anti-inflammatory agent and is useful for arthritis sufferers as well as those stricken by the flu.  The common Echinacea plant is a wonderful immune system enhancer as well.  Although it may not keep you from catching that cold or flu, it can dramatically shorten the duration and severity of what you do catch.

Some other herbs that are just as effective can be found at your local health food stores or organic medicine store.  These include Black Cohosh, which is a time honored Native American cure for hot flashes, and Stinging Nettle for sinus headaches.

Living green means not running to the doctor for common ailments, but looking to the powers of the earth instead for healing.  Pharmaceuticals and over-the-counter medications are often made in ways that pollute the environment and are always less gentle to your system than natural medicines.

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