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Staying Healthy in a Toxic World

These days we’re bombarded with information that tells us our environment is flooded with chemicals that contaminate our air, our water, our food, and our bodies. Scientists tell us that human fat tissue from U.S. residents has revealed 700 chemical contaminants that are not yet chemically identified.  Though the concentration of each of these chemicals […]

August 12th

Freshen Up Your Indoor Air

On hot, smoggy, high-pollution advisory days, we are often encouraged to play our part to alleviate the problem by carpooling, taking public transit, or considering alternative transportation like walking and cycling. While so many focus on outdoor air pollution, few realize that indoor air pollution is a major problem. In fact, the US EPA ranks […]

July 22nd

Green Remodeling with Eco Friendly Paint

Looking for a way to make your house beautiful?  There are many ways to update an old home, but whether you’re tearing down walls or just adding a little color, one thing you’ll definitely need is paint. Virtually hundreds of paint choices fill the shelves of your local hardware store, so selecting a healthy, dependable, […]

December 17th

Herbal Remedies: A Great Way to Get Well, Naturally

Our ancestors knew how to take care of themselves long before modern medicine existed by using natural medicines found in the trees, flowers, and herbs all around them.  These remedies work gently, often without the harsh side effects experienced when using today’s prescription medicines.  They are also quite effective when taken in the proper dosages. […]

October 14th