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Keep Up with the Latest Green News

The Green Revolution has brought with it its share of required reading.  Over the past few years, the market has been flooded with “green reads”, everything from the most technical to page-turning best-sellers. In the case of eco-reading, staying up with the latest books often means staying up on the latest findings.  To help you […]

October 10th

GTR: Small Space Living with The Not So Big House

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief, discusses small home living and the growth of New Urbanism with Sarah Susanka of Susanka Studios, author of The Not So Big House. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi! Welcome to “Green Talk”, a podcast series from “Green Talk” helps listeners in their efforts to live more […]

May 12th

Eco Train Technologies

These days, it’s fairly well-understood that most travel results in the production of carbon dioxide (CO2), the primary contributor to climate change and global warming. So how can we better balance our desires and needs to get from one place to another, and still minimize the carbon footprint we make on the planet?  By taking […]

April 8th

Train Travel

By now everyone knows that travel = carbon dioxide, the primary guilty party when it comes to global warming. How can we better balance our desires and needs to get from one place to another, and still minimize the carbon footprint we make on the planet? By taking the train, of course! The benefits of […]

March 30th

Earth-friendly Yarns for Eco-conscious Knitting

Most knitters know few pleasures greater than working with yarn and needles in hand. Yarn’s beautiful colors and unique texture keep the eye interested, and the repetitive hand motions and soft clicking of needles make for a soothing activity. Unfortunately, as with most things, there is more to this creatively pleasurable process than meets the […]

February 20th

The Valentine Gift of a Green Experience

If you’re interested in giving a gift that goes beyond tradition, look into the alternative option of an eco experience. These gifts can extend into virtually any area, so get creative and keep the earth in mind as you custom-design a gift for friend, family member, or romantic partner. Here are some suggestions to get […]

February 5th

Eco-Furniture, A Product of Green Design

From the perspective of sustainable furniture designers, waste is a form of design failure.  These designers work to build green furniture that is responsibly harvested from renewable resources, or that incorporates recycled materials, to create furniture that integrates form, function, and eco-friendliness. Let’s take a closer look at options furnished by the sustainable design movement […]

December 18th

Organic Milk, Freshness Guaranteed

Throughout the world, what enjoys a pure and wholesome image as the basic, life-sustaining nourishment needed from the time of infancy?  Milk, of course! And the dairy industry goes to great lengths to promote milk as an essential and complete food for those of all ages.  The average American consumes over 550 pounds of dairy […]

December 17th

Green Gifting Guide: Natural Toys for Eco Kids

Kids are VIPs in your life, deserving special care and concern.  Certainly, this includes providing them with toxin-free toys for play.  And, of course, eco toys are safe…but what about fun? Let’s explore some ideas for gift-worthy green toys that stimulate and engage young, curious minds in the fun, education, and craft departments . . […]

December 14th

Green Gifting Guide: Green Tech

If you’re searching for trendy green tech toys this holiday seasons, you are certainly not alone! High tech is in high demand, but finding “ecofied” options for traditional gifts can leave you feeling downright discouraged. While industries are trying to keep pace with demand for much-needed sustainable solutions, many green products are still in the […]

December 7th

Sustainable Wood Flooring

Why is it important to look for sustainably and responsibly harvested wood flooring sources for your home projects?  The simple answer is that the world’s forests are disappearing at an alarming rate, and taking a bit of time to seek out sustainably harvested and underutilized options will have the planet and its future inhabitants thanking […]

November 26th