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Published on February 5th, 2008 | by Stephanie Evans


The Valentine Gift of a Green Experience

If you’re interested in giving a gift that goes beyond tradition, look into the alternative option of an eco experience. These gifts can extend into virtually any area, so get creative and keep the earth in mind as you custom-design a gift for friend, family member, or romantic partner.

Here are some suggestions to get you started…

Give the Gift of a Green Experience

Romantic Gestures

Try an eco-getaway for a fun, interactive valentine.

  • Short ecotourism packages with a focus on nature and cross-cultural experiences are available, if expense is not an issue.
  • An options that’s easier on the wallet and leaves a smaller carbon footprint (no air travel required) is a night or a weekend at an eco-friendly bungalow or B&B, accented with organic vegan and vegetarian fare.
  • A massage package is always a nice treat, especially if you can find an earth-conscious day spa in your area. Search the Green Spa Network for an eco spa near you.

The Gift of Space

Predictable green valentines are nothing to scoff at, but an unconventional present that defies all clichéd expectations will renew the meaning of this day, especially if February 14th has come around many times over. When all the other gifts have had their turn, consider giving the gift of space.

This suggestion can be taken literally, as small parcels of wildlife habitats and other threatened natural areas are available for purchase. For gifts of land (from one square meter up to an entire acre), check into organizations like:

Donations to these organizations secure protected land in Australia, Brazil, India, and other parts of the world in environmental distress.

At home, transform a cluttered junk room or storage area into a quiet or creative space for your beloved. The mere act of cleaning up and taking recyclables away to open up a new spot is thoughtful. Go the extra mile by decorating with his or her favorite colors and images and watch the space develop into a cherished haven…

Balancing the bedroom with principles of Feng Shui
makes for a Valentine’s Day present belonging to all individuals, whether they are in or out of a relationship. For starters:

  • Move the EMF-emitting television and computer out of the bedroom to make space for oval or round mirrors, paired with items like vases, candlesticks, and other symbols of interpersonal harmony.
  • Re-decorate with Feng Shui “skin colors,” which promote a sense of balance between two people in an intimate relationship. The skin color palette ranges from pale white to deepest brown, so there are plenty of options out there if new organic cotton drapes or bamboo sheets for the bed are on one’s romantic radar.

Gifts of Time

If there’s more (or less) than two of you celebrating the day, consider sharing your love with the world by volunteering your time, baking goodies to share, or planning a small gathering for friends.

Beyond romantic gestures, this day gives good cause to express gratitude and appreciation for the people in our lives and the planet that sustains us. For more ideas, take a look at 14 Charitable Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day, courtesy of The Case Foundation.

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