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Warning: Christmas Habits That Cause Heart Attack

Christmas is just 5 days away and I guess most of you are very excited already. But did you know that December and January are the months posing the highest risk for heart disease, and many of the delights of the season are in fact great dangers for people with coronary artery disease (CAD).

You may think that this information does not concern you, but think again if you are over 45 years, have sugar diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, or have had heart attacks in the family. Many people with coronary artery disease are not aware of their condition. It is important to know that heart attack strikes even without previous symptoms.

December 19th

Homemade Edible Gift Ideas for Christmas

If you have decided to celebrate a handmade green Christmas with non-materialistic eco-friendly gifts this year like us, you may want to consider making edible gifts as well. Presenting your loved ones with them will not only increase your sustainability but also the love that flows back to you! It is great to express yourself with a tasty homemade treat – something that will be appreciated even by the most picky ones among us.

December 12th

Eco-Friendly Alternatives to Live Christmas Trees

The Christmas tree has become one of the staple holiday decorations for most homes but sustainable Christmas trees aren’t always available. Sometimes severe asthma and allergy sensitivities can leave you shunning the evergreen as well. Fear not my festive friends, if you don’t want a real Christmas tree you don’t have to settle for a traditional artificial replica. The following are a list of wonderfully eco-friendly alternatives to live Christmas trees.

December 6th

5 Tips for Christmas Tree Recycling

You may think that the options for Christmas tree recycling are relatively limited, but Christmas trees can be reused for a variety of purposes. Let’s look at five ways to recycle those once-a-year houseguests back into the natural world or reuse them as reminders of the holidays… Certainly don’t let our list be your limit […]

December 30th

An Elegant, Energy-Efficient Holiday: Simple Decorating Ideas

Remember when Christmas was all about family crafts, holiday baking, and building happy childhood memories of traditions to pass on?  Well even if it didn’t happen exactly like that, it’s never too late to start creating warm holiday memories, and festive home decoration is an easy place to begin . . . Now that you’ve made the greenest […]

December 27th