Simple Living

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Green Community Models: Cohousing

Do you know your neighbors well? Do you often eat together, or share tools, equipment, or transportation? Does the neighborhood often gather for celebrations or social events? If you’re like most Americans, you probably answered “no” to one or more of these questions. Our lack of interaction isn’t just socially isolating; it also has an […]

December 10th

GTR Green Blogger Series: Chris Baskind of Lighter Footstep

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Founder and Editor of LighterFootstep and MoreMinimal, Chris Baskind, about being an eco-publisher and blogger, going car-free, bicycles, and living cheap as the “new green.” Chris spent many years in the radio industry as a Programmer and Operation Manager before co-founding Lighter Footstep with business partner Lisa Cagle […]

September 24th

5 Ways to Make Every Day Earth Day

Even though Earth Day was one month ago today, every day is Earth Day around here. Here are some tips to incorporate Earth Day’s ideals and values in your own life throughout the year. Recycle– Take a solid look at your trash. Even if you have green intentions, it’s likely that you probably have some […]

May 22nd

GTR: The Urban Homesteading Path to Freedom with Jules Dervaes

GreenTalk Radio host Sean Daily talks with Jules Dervaes of Path to Freedom.  Path to Freedom is a family-operated urban homestead established in 2001 in Pasadena, California by Jules Dervaes.  The family also runs a successful business providing fresh produce to local restaurants. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hey everyone, this is Sean Daily […]

October 28th

GTR: Small Space Living with The Not So Big House

Sean Daily, Green Living Ideas’ Editor-in-Chief, discusses small home living and the growth of New Urbanism with Sarah Susanka of Susanka Studios, author of The Not So Big House. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi! Welcome to “Green Talk”, a podcast series from “Green Talk” helps listeners in their efforts to live more […]

May 12th

How to Create Balance with a Media Fast

Most of us are accustomed to processing a tremendous amount of information everyday.  The fact that we’re used to this—and yes, even addicted to it—does not automatically qualify it as a beneficial part of our lives. The daily onslaught of news, entertainment, e-mail, advertisements, and other media often prevents us from being able to process […]

January 11th

5 Simple Ways to Stop Junk Mail

Interested in reducing the influx of junk mail you receive every day?  Start off a fresh New Year by reducing the junk mail waste stream flowing into your home.  The average American household receives unsolicited junk mail in the equivalent of 1.5 trees every year, and 44% of that is thrown away unopened! If you […]

January 3rd

Simple Steps to Simpler Living

Do you consciously choose to live your life in a simple way, or do you find that life is unnecessarily complicated by reasons far beyond your control? Then again, are these reasons really beyond your control or is it simply a matter of your perception? Don’t despair! We’ll help you to discover your part in […]

December 18th

Smaller Homes for Sustainable Living

Living a simpler, more earth-friendly life begins with the kind of home you wake up in every morning.  If contributing to a sustainable future is important to you, one single change in your lifestyle can make the biggest difference of all: living in a smaller house.  Just as any motorcycle is more energy-efficient than any […]

December 18th

Case Studies in Small Home Living

Build a better world?  Build community?  Build your life?  Building is such a valued activity in the U.S. and Canada that we use the verb to show value, to enhance all kinds of activities.  We build up a nest egg, our careers, even our bodies. With our relatively low population density, our frontier-driven nations seem […]

November 14th