Raw Foods

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Benefits of Eating Raw

The raw food plan emphasizes restricting items that have been processed or refined, usually white in color—white flour, white sugar, white bread, white salt. Think of the refining process as similar to that of bleaching: Bleaching strips away life, removing any color and stain from a garment, turning it white. Refining mimics this process by […]

June 11th

Whip Up Your Own Tasty Nut and Seed Milks

Nut and seed milks provide a delicious source of nutrition for those following raw and living food diets, and they’re easy to make at home. Anyone searching for dairy alternatives will appreciate the fact that nut/seed milks are customizable to taste. Look for basic recipes online and in raw food books. For starters, visit The […]

February 12th

Sustainable Restaurants Offer Healthy Eating Options

Luckily, the days of dreary “health-food” dining with its meager offerings of bland tofu and alfalfa sprouts are long past.  These days, any city you travel to will likely feature restaurants serving food that is both nutritious and a delight to your palate. Aside from the shift to make healthy food more innovative and appealing, there […]

January 25th

Natural Living with a Raw Food Diet

As any raw food enthusiast will testify, a diet of uncooked, freshly harvested, organic edibles not only delights your tastebuds and gives your skin that fresh, radiant glow—it also boosts immunity, enhances energy levels, and increases alertness and mental clarity.  Cooking, by comparison, takes food farthest from its natural state, rendering it toxic and carcinogenic by “killing” […]

December 17th

What Is An Organic Raw Food Diet?

People who follow organic raw food diets believe firmly in the benefits of consuming only organic foods.  Those who follow organic raw food diets also believe organic food should not be heated above a certain temperature, generally between 92–118 F, or 33–48 C.  Let’s look at the health reasons for following the raw food way…    […]

November 14th

Health Boosts from Organic, Raw Food Cuisine

Preparing organic, raw food cuisine is quick, simple, and easy on the planet—and your body!  Eating raw doesn’t mean that you’ll sacrifice flavor or any of your favorite dishes and edible delights—you’ll retain everything from gourmet creations to home-style comfort meals to junk food favorites, with one slight caveat: everything is raw and organic. By […]

October 12th