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Locavore Living Ideas: Host an Organic Local Foods Potluck

Spring time brings the reopening of farmers’ markets creating inspiration for organic local food meals.  Whether you are a hard core locavore or a connoisseur of local food, hosting a local foods potluck is an easy way you can share great food with your friends and family while raising awareness.  From local wine to salad […]

May 13th

Healthy Cooking with Organic Foods

Would you like to stay healthy by improving the quality of the food you eat while decreasing your personal impact on the environment?  You can do all of these things simply by becoming conscious about how you cook your meals.  Green cooking is simple, sustainable, and quite frankly, food cooked in a green manner tastes […]

December 17th

Safe, Certified, Organic Meats

Are you in need of a healthy alternative to factory-farmed meats?  A growing array of certified organic and sustainably raised choices is available for your choosing.  By supporting green, sustainable meat producers, you help to alter the destructive cycle of conventional agricultural practices and simultaneously ensure that you are consuming a superior product.  Going a step further […]

October 21st