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Published on April 2nd, 2012 | by The Green Divas


Healthy & Happy: On the Road with Green Diva Lisa

We had a remarkably good time this week, especially since our feature interview was with our favorite Green Reaper, Elizabeth Fournier, green funeral director and author of All Men Are Cremated Equal: My 77 Blind Dates. Seriously. You gotta love a woman who has a book with this title! She introduced us to a new eco-friendly way of cremation that sounds (although some of the discussion was a little more detailed than we might have needed) like a great alternative to traditional cremation. Did you know that 16% of all mercury pollution in the air is the direct result of cremation?!? Hope you’ll listen to the interview to learn more about this potential alternative known as bio-cremationresomation, or water resolution. Elizabeth has a marvelous way of making an often awkward subject interesting, entertaining and a lot less creepy.

Healthy & Happy on the Road to Austin, TX with Green Diva Lisa

Green Diva Lisa did a great report on a recent road trip she took to Austin, Texas. She had taken the opportunity to write about her experience as a seasoned road warrior and offered tips on how to be as green, sustainable and healthy as possible when on the big highway. NOTE: We KNOW that the greenest way to be on the road is to STAY HOME, walk, ride a bike or take a train or bus, but let’s face it, there are times when driving is the only way to go (this road trip was one of them). GD Lisa has some good tips for staying healthy on the road.

Here are a couple of tips for happy, healthy road tripping:

  • Gas – find out how to be the most fuel-efficient with whatever car you drive on and check out a new app for finding the best gas prices while on the road: GasBuddy.
  • Food – I generally don’t eat a lot of full meals on the road, but I like to stop for breakfast. It hard to screw up eggs, bacon and fruit. This trip we went to the Waffle House once (remind me not to do that again) and Cracker Barrel once. The other place that I will consider stopping is Chipotle’s, with serves food with integrity supporting local farmers and offers grass-fed meats and more.
  • Snacks – The nice thing about being on the road is that you really aren’t on any eating schedule. You get to eat when you are hungry and eat what you are in the mood for at the time.  So, I keep a variety of healthy choices. I bring along an eco-friendly travel cup and bamboo or stainless cutlery which I just wash and re-use.
  • Hydration – Staying hydrate can help keep our minds sharp on long trips. Many of you know how The Green Divas feel about bottle water. If not, listen to our Sleeping Naked is Green podcast on bottled water and/or read GD Meg’s recent post about bottled water.  My favorite alternative to buying bottled water is a BPA free water bottle with a built-in filter called the Bobble Bottle.
  • For the FULL story (and there is quite a bit more), please see GD Lisa’s original post!

Gettin Local with the Green Divas: Wherever You Are!

Listen to this 5-min segment on local, sustainable community – this week’s discussion was about Local trail clean ups with groups like Adopt-A-Trail, finding a local CSA & finding beautiful scenic drives for spring (even in NJ!).

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