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Rockin with Willie Nile & Running from Crazy: Inspiring Week

GD Meg got a private concert (well almost, there were about 10 people in the HomeGrownRadioNJ studio) with Willie Nile, who has just released a new CD, American Ride . . . GD Mizar and I went to New York for the premiere of Running from Crazy and not only got to see Mariel Hemingway again, but we got to meet Bobby Williams in person finally, and we made some new friends before the show.

November 5th

Book Review: Oil and Honey by Bill McKibben

Oil and Honey: The Education of an Unlikely Activist by Bill McKibben is a revelation– and a joy– to read. This book was just published a few weeks ago, and Green Living Ideas was thrilled to be offered a copy to review. Though I’ve read McKibben’s groundbreaking work in the past, this book reads differently, […]

September 23rd

5 Eco-Healthy Reasons To Practice Yoga Outside

Green Living Ideas is happy to feature Alexis from The Art of Sacred Body as a guest writer today! Alexis is a mama, permaculturalist, gentle living activist, aspiring midwife, freelance writer and health blogger. The Art of Sacred Body is a practical blog for health and wellness, supporting women and families to full and radiant health. […]

July 29th

Tips for staying cool & having fun in a heat wave

I’m not sure what the temperature is where you are, but here in New Jersey we are experiencing a string of seriously steamy days that makes going out the door feel more like walking into a sauna. Everyone seems a little cranky and we are all getting weary from talk of the weather and idiotic posts on Facebook about popped corn and God cooking NJ (yes, I am guilty of sharing both of these, because they made me LOL at a weak moment and I just couldn’t help myself).

July 23rd

50 Easy Ways to Keep Earth Day Going All Year

I listed 25 ways to celebrate earth day without buying anything, knowing there were thousands, and I was so impressed with some of the suggestions, I thought I would incorporate them into this updated post and give my Care2 peeps a little credit. Really, these are things we should find ways to incorporate into our every-day lives, so . . .

April 23rd

How Universities are going Green– An Infographic

Here’s a super cool infographic that looks at how our institutions of higher education are leading the way in green building and sustainable initiatives. There are so many ways that large universities and collages can make positive changes that their student, faculty and staff can be proud of. Some of the examples of green initiative […]

March 9th

Companies we Love: Blue Q designs

I recently came across Blue Q– which makes the cutest STUFF ever. And by stuff, I mean bags, wallets, pencil cases, lotion, gum, lamps, magnets, tee-shirts, and so.much.more. But the best part: they make it all from recycled and sustainable materials! Yay! The item that did me in was the cutest pencil case, from their […]

March 8th

Books that Changed Everything

Falling in love with books is much like falling in love with humans: not only do they teach you new and exciting things about yourself, they open you up to as-yet unknown possibilities in life. Hopeless romantic that I am, I fall in love with books continuously, and I have a diverse book collection and […]

March 7th

Letter from the Editor… and a Call to Writers

Hi everyone- I’m Andrea, the new managing editor of Green Living Ideas! Green Living Ideas aims to be the best source of information about how to live a cleaner, greener life, and as the managing editor of this awesome site, I will do my best to continue this green tradition! GLI offers ideas, tips, and […]

February 21st