Food and Cuisine

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Organic Energy Bars

Originally created for endurance athletes, energy bars are now a mainstay of the American diet.  Strategic marketing ads for energy bars portray them as a condensed version of a healthy meal, virtually bursting with nutrients.  But the fact is many energy bar ingredients more closely resemble those of candy bars than real food. How do you choose […]

December 17th

Does Poultry Production have a Sustainable Side?

In recent years, the poultry industry’s portrayal of chicken as a low-fat and healthy alternative to beef has bolstered consumer demand for it.  Today, the average American eats more than 50 pounds of chicken per year, roughly double the amount consumed just 20 years ago.  But though chicken now costs only about one-third of what […]

December 17th

Organic Produce: The Very Best of Seasonal, Sustainable Agriculture

In today’s modern world, if we want to maintain good health, slow signs of aging, and decreased our risk for chronic diseases, research points us in the direction of dietary health.  General guidelines for a healthy diet include 7-10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily.  Fruit and vegetable phytochemicals—naturally occurring compounds necessary for sustaining life—are identified […]

December 17th

Reviving Organic Spirits with Green Liquor

Healthy and sustainable choices are needed in every corner of the market, and a rapidly expanding variety of organic alternatives to conventionally distilled spirits is rising to the occasion. Those who want to be healthy and enjoy brewed delights can now strike a balance between their own enjoyment and the sustainability of the planet, by […]

December 17th

Boost Your Health with Organic Energy Drinks

When choosing your next energy drink, take note of the energy that was put into it to make it good for you and the planet.  Yes, the world is your oyster.  Modern life is full and exciting and endlessly eventful.  But at times it can be too much so—your desire to accomplish and achieve the […]

December 17th

A Chocolate Glossary

Chocolate had made its way into our lives in the form of gifts, holiday treats, and simply sweet indulgences.  Keep in mind that not all chocolate products are harvested and processed by equal standards.  An educated chocolate shopper needs to know all of the lingo as they go in search of a quality chocolate product.  […]

November 1st

Is Organic Produce Healthier Than Conventionally Grown Produce?

The USDA makes no specific claims about whether or not organic vegetables and organic meat are healthier for consumers.  They only say that organic food, "Differs from conventionally food in the way it is grown, handled and processed." ( ). Currently there are no studies that "prove" organic produce and organic meat to be healthier […]

October 12th

The Benefits of Eating Organic Whole Foods

Organic whole foods are foods that are unrefined/unprocessed completely or processed and refined as little as possible.  Examples of organic whole foods are unpolished organic grains, organically grown produce, and non-homogenized milk.  Most often you can find organic whole foods at Farmer’s Markets because much organic produce and many other whole organic foods have a […]

October 12th

What is Sustainable Agriculture?

Sustainable produce is a relatively new idea.  It gives shoppers interested in purchasing organic produce an alternative option at a lower cost, and sometimes a higher rate of availability.  According to the Food Alliance, sustainable produce (although not the same as organic produce) must meet the following criteria: Use a range of natural pest controls, […]

October 12th

What is Organic Produce?

The Organic Foods Production Act of 1990 was finally finished in October 2002.  The act set a national standard for all organic food including organic meat and organic produce.  Let’s take a look at how the act defines organic food and what it means for what we choose to put on our table. "Organic food is […]

October 12th