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5 Money-saving Sustainable Food Strategies

What do you store your leftovers in? I’m sure, like most people you place them into a plastic tupperware container, however you may be surprised to learn that some food storage options add their own special “flavor” to your leftovers. That flavor may be bisphenol-A (BPA), phthalates, antimony, or any number of other chemicals that, […]

September 25th

The Importance of Buying Local

Thousands of miles are traveled each day by hundreds upon hundreds of semi-trucks filled with food and items going from west coast to east and back again. How our system works allows for this amount of action to fill a need that could be filled much more easily and without so much fossil fuel usage. […]

August 28th

Tips for staying cool & having fun in a heat wave

I’m not sure what the temperature is where you are, but here in New Jersey we are experiencing a string of seriously steamy days that makes going out the door feel more like walking into a sauna. Everyone seems a little cranky and we are all getting weary from talk of the weather and idiotic posts on Facebook about popped corn and God cooking NJ (yes, I am guilty of sharing both of these, because they made me LOL at a weak moment and I just couldn’t help myself).

July 23rd

The Worst Drought in 50 Years and How to Ease the Stress from It

While the midwest has not become the dust bowl of Steinbeck fame, it is parched, chocking and sorely yearning for rain. The worst drought in 50 years has behind a stream of high grin prices affecting farmers, mostly livestock growers. So, the worst drought in 50 years may not affect you if you eat a raw foods diet. Here’s why now might be the time to give up processed foods and ease the stress caused by the drought.

How Exercise Helps the Environment

Exercise is a foundation helping pave the way to great environmental change. It starts small and quietly, but quickly, builds into monumental differences in our lives. While walking, jogging and and cycling are wonderful for heart health and overall fitness, they also have a lasting impact on green living. Here are a few ways exercise helps the Environment.

Fresh Cut Flower Alternatives for Your Sweetheart

Sure it may be easy to stop by the local grocery store for a bouquet of blooms, but do you know from where they came? Are they organic? Were the workers who cared for them and cut them treated and paid fairly? Worry not a minute longer about the ethics of the floral world. Here are some fresh cut flower alternatives for enchanting your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day.

February 7th

Turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday Green

Most of the big box stores follow similar methods for staying on top and it usually requires putting stress on the environment and their workers. The good news is there are ways to break away from the corporate giants by buying through local venders, making gifts ourselves or bartering. Here are some ideas to help you turn Black Friday and Cyber Monday green.

November 24th

Fun Eco-Friendly Apps for Green Living

Living an eco-conscious life can be difficult, luckily smart phones are turning the tide with apps that do much of the ground work for you. Whether you are trying to maintain a vegetarian diet or looking for sustainable seafood at the market, these apps will help you make earth-friendly choices. If you’re looking for some help […]

October 18th

Food Trucks – Bringing Local to You

Thanks to Michele Obama, there has been a bit of press lately about the idea of a food desert – an area where healthy, affordable food is hard to find. One interesting idea is to have food trucks bring the local fare directly to those in need.

August 10th

The Crop Mob Unleashes Community on Sustainable Farms

You may have seen a “flashmob” as part of a guerrilla marketing stunt in the last few years, where hundreds of people descend on an urban location to participate in a coordinated show that is a surprise to everyone but those involved. How would that marketing idea play out in the green world? The Crop […]

August 24th