Energy Efficiency

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How To Clean Your Dryer’s Moisture Sensor

Making sure your dryer’s moisture sensor is clean and working properly is a great way to ensure your dryer is using energy efficiently. The moisture sensor does what it’s name implies–senses moisture. If you use the “auto-dry” setting on your clothes dryer, this sensor will keep tabs on when your clothes are dry, and turn […]

August 14th

How To Install And Use A Timer Strip for Energy Savings

A power strip can significantly cut your electric usage and bill. It does this by eliminating or reducing what are known as “phantom loads”. A phantom load is the amount of energy your electronic devices draw while they are either idling or turned off completely. That’s right, sometimes, even when an electronic device is fully […]

August 6th

How To Install And Use Your Smart Strip

Installing and using a smart strip can be a great way to save money on your monthly electric bill. While this isn’t true of most new electronics, it’s quite common for older electronic devices to draw energy while they’re in both standby mode or “powered down”. This is commonly referred to as either a “phantom […]

July 31st

How To Check For Air Leaks Around Your Doors And Windows

Did you know that air leaks throughout your home contribute, on average, an extra 10%-30% on your electric bill? Given that the average American electric bill has only been rising for the last 10 years, finding and fixing these air leaks could be more important than ever before. Luckily, the process for finding some of these […]

July 30th

How To Spot A Dying Mobile Battery

As mobile phones get more complicated, problems with battery life become more prevalent. There are a number of pages online that speak of ways to improve battery life though how do you know when it needs replacing? Nowadays, phones are no longer limited to simple functions such as call and text. Phones have become a […]

July 29th

How To Check The Seal On Your Fridge And Oven

There are several reasons you’ll want to make sure that the seals on both your fridge and oven are working properly. Among those are the money you’ll save on your energy bill, the reduction of carbon emissions and the piece of mind from knowing that you live in a healthy, energy efficient home. If you’ve […]

July 29th

How to Clean Your Refrigerators Condenser Coils Or Fan

When it comes to making your home more energy efficient, cleaning your fridge’s condenser coils or fan might be one of the cheapest ways to accomplish just that. It’s a task that doesn’t require much in the way of technical equipment or know how, rather you just need to know where to look. By keeping […]

July 22nd

How To Install A Water Efficient Shower Head

Are you looking for an easy way to be more efficient with both your water and electricity use, but don’t want to drastically change your daily routines? If so, you’re in luck. By swapping out your old shower head for one that’s more efficient you’ll accomplish both of your savings goals, and the best part is […]

July 22nd

Checking for Phantom Loads Using a Watt-Meter

Eliminating phantom loads (vampire power) from your home is a great way to save money on your monthly utilities. What’s a phantom load? A phantom load is the amount of energy your electronic devices will use when they’re plugged in, but not turned on. That’s right, many electronic devices (especially older ones) will actively draw a small […]

May 6th