Drinking Water

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Safe Drinking Water: One Family, One Country at a Time

An estimated 1.1 billion people in the world do not have access to a safe water supply.  For many in the U.S., this is a fact far removed from every day life.  The truth is the worldwide water crisis is exactly that—worldwide. Though significantly worse in developing countries lacking improved sanitation, everyone has reason to […]

November 6th

GTR: The Quest for Eco-friendly Bottled Drinking Water with Primo Water

Host Sean Daily talks about the process of greening bottled water by using high-quality, mineral-enhanced water and recyclable, compostable, plant-based water bottles with Dave Burke, President and COO of Primo Water. Click Play Below,or Transcript Sean Daily: Hi! Welcome to “Green Talk,” a podcast series from GreenLivingIdeas.com. “Green Talk” helps listeners in their efforts to […]

June 2nd