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How to Make a Difference During World Water Week

project site in Bangladesh

Project site in Bangladesh

Since 1991, World Water Week has focused the world’s attention on water issues during a week-long summit in Stockholm. The Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI) organizes and sponsors the event which has a current three-year theme spotlighting Responding to Global Changes.  It began August 21st and runs through August 27th. With 29,000 children dying in only a three month span due to severe drought conditions in Africa, the conference proves the importance of updating and changing water policy to coincide with world demand. As horrific as the crisis presents, lifestyle changes don’t need to be extreme to make a difference.

Here are just a few ways you can bring about change during World Water Week.

Be the Change

To get others to do something, you must be willing to take the lead. Take shorter showers, use grey water, wash dishes by hand and fix leaks. These are just a few inexpensive and simple ways to make a difference. People are more willing to make lifestyle changes when they see others doing the same. It’s one thing to tell someone to shorten their shower. It’s much more relevant to talk about how you and your family are using timers to make a game of shortening showers in your home.

Talk About It

Talk about the world’s water crisis to anyone and every one. Unfortunately, some of the most relevant stories never make the main stream media’s front page. Even in our highly informative society it’s possible for many to remain unaware of what goes on in other parts of the world. Ask friends and family if they have heard about the water needs in other countries and how change can be made. If you work with children or have children, offers great lesson plans to teach about the water crisis. Use them for adults as well and allow them to take materials so they can become a part of the information chain.

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

Non-profits are seeing the major benefits of social media Facebook, Twitter and blogs are great places to discuss and promote causes like World Water Week. Becoming a model is one of the best ways to promote change. Give a simple idea or tip for how you are helping even if it’s simple. Those easy tips are the ones people are most likely to remember and re-tweet or post on their own wall.

Raise Money

While there is a lot of financial hardship laying heavy on many minds, it takes so little to make a difference. One dollar may seem insignificant, but when an office of twenty workers donates than that one quickly becomes $20. From there a campaign can spread until it becomes a viable source helping organizations like and Charity:water bring life saving water to those in need.

{source: Water. org Lesson Plans and World Water Week in Stockholm}

{cc photo courtesy of waterdotorg from Flickr}

What are you willing to do to help those in need?

World Water Week Posts at Important Media

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