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Published on March 18th, 2020 | by Sponsored Content


How Do THC Free CBD Gummies Taste?

You’ve probably heard about CBD gummies by now, but did you know there are actually two separate varieties of CBD gummy? One is called full-spectrum while the other is called broad-spectrum. In this article, we’ll go over some key differences in THC-infused CBD products and those without THC; as well as how each tastes. If you’ve ever wondered how CBD gummies taste, you’re in the right place!


Before we move on, we should probably clarify something that seems to get misinterpreted quite a bit: the difference between THC and CBD. So, what are these two things, and how do they relate to one another? You’re probably familiar with a little plant called Cannabis Sativa, which contains both of these cannabinoids. The plant is actually home to 113 cannabinoids, of which THC and CBD are just two.

THC, or Tetrahydrocannabinol, is responsible for the classic “high” that users feel when ingesting it or inhaling marijuana smoke. CBD, or cannabidiol, does not produce the same “high” effect as THC; in fact, it produces no psychoactive effects whatsoever. While both compounds are essentially cousins to each other, they produce different effects.

This is an important distinction because many people still mix up the two. There seems to be stigma surrounding both compounds, even with CBD’s effectiveness and little to no harmful effects on the human body.

THC free CBD gummies won’t get you high, so you don’t have to worry about that. That being said, it’s time to move onto another important detail: the difference between full and broad-spectrum CBD products.

Broad-Spectrum CBD

THC free CBD gummies are considered to be broad-spectrum CBD products because while they contain a broad spectrum of the Cannabis plant’s cannabinoids, they don’t contain THC. Essentially, it’s everything but the stuff that gets you high. This type of CBD product has hit big on the US market, with the CBD industry booming over the last few years and projected to keep booming for the next decade or so.

When you use THC free CBD gummies, or THC free CBD oils, you’re getting only the calming effects of the CBD and any other ingredients the manufacturer includes. Some producers will include things like melatonin to help with sleep. It’s important to look closely at labels or product descriptions so you know exactly what you’re getting in your CBD gummies.

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Full-Spectrum CBD

Full-spectrum CBD products are the same as broad-spectrum, except for one crucial detail: they contain THC. While it’s usually not enough to produce a “high”, it is enough to potentially show up on a drug test. Not to mention, anything that contains 0.3% THC or more is still considered a controlled substance by the federal government, and is therefore illegal at the federal level; even if it’s legal in your state.

THC free CBD oils are the preferred choice for many Americans, as there’s no risk of failing drug tests, getting high, and the safety level of CBD products is quite high. CBD has little to no side-effects in most adult users, making it preferable to things like anxiety meds and painkillers.

What Do They Taste Like?

Put simply, THC free CBD gummies taste like regular gummy bears, worms, or O’s, depending on the brand, flavor, and potency. Sometimes, you might taste a hint of that earthy flavor that’s so typical of CBD, but most of the time, the sugar covers up the taste entirely.

CBD gummies come in dozens of flavors and varieties. You can find fruit-flavored gummy bears that contain a minor dose of CBD, or sour gummy worms that are infused with a higher dose. Generally, doses range from about 5mg per service to 25/30mg per serving. It all depends on the brand!

You can also get plain gummies, which just taste like gelatin and earthy hemp. These gummies aren’t very tasty, but they’re still just as effective. Always check your ingredient label to make sure your gummies were produced with high-quality ingredients, and be sure of the company you’re buying them from.

CBD Uses

CBD is used all over the world for a myriad of health issues. It’s been found to be effective in managing anxiety, depression, and other mental health conditions, along with physical ailments such as arthritis, inflammation, chronic pain, and more. Some people use CBD to combat poor sleep patterns, and others simply use it to manage pain.

Since CBD interacts with opioid receptors in the brain, it’s being tested as an aid for those in recovery from opioid addiction. This widespread issue has become a national health crisis, and the coming of CBD products couldn’t be more timely. Here’s to a brighter future through CBD!

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