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Finding The Right Decorative Rug Store

When it comes to finding out what the best decorative rug stores in LA are, you need to do your research. Decorative rugs are the kind of rugs that you want to grab your guests’ attention, and so you can’t afford to waste any money on a rug that doesn’t look good! There are some key criteria to think about when choosing a decorative rug before you can even consider picking a store to buy one from.

Image by Vedran Brnjetic from Pixabay

Size and Design

The first of these things to consider is the size of the rug itself. You need to decide where it’s going of course, and this will often dictate how big it needs to be. If you want a big decorative area rug, then you need to be sure to get one that will be large enough to cover most of your floor. If you just want a decorative rug to add some life to a corner of the room however, the design will be far more important. So, knowing where it is going in advance is key!

Price and Style

The other things you need to consider before heading out to the nearest rug store is your budget, decorative rugs can get more expensive the larger they are and the more intricate the design is. The style will also have an effect, along with the material it is made from. These are all valuable things to think about before you go shopping, but where do you go?

Lawrence of La Brea

First up is the Lawrence of La Brea and this is where you really will find an impressive choice of rugs to suit every taste and style. Here you will be able to indulge in the rarest and most extraordinary rugs available. On offer are rustic style rugs as well as modern pieces that will fit into any space within the home. So, if you’re looking for a wide range of rugs that will appeal to every taste then Lawrence of La Brea offers it all.

The Rug Warehouse

The next place on our list of the best places to get your decorative rugs is The Rug Warehouse. This store has lots of choice, and alongside their traditional and antique rug selections, they have a wide range of contemporary decorative rugs as well. They have geometric designs to choose form, along with abstract options for those that want more of a free-flowing aspect to their rug.

Image by BUMIPUTRA from Pixabay


Next up we have Mehraban, which is another rug store located in LA that has a lot to offer, but more specifically has an excellent range of decorative rugs to choose from. They have a wonderful range of rug collections, which consist of various rugs following the same sort of style, which makes the entire buying process much easier. From options designed to look like artwork to traditional recreations, there really is something for every taste at Mehraban.

The Rug Affair

Finally, we have The Rug Affair. This rug store takes a similar approach to the previous one, offering a wide range of collections that are designed to give the customer a range to choose from that follow a similar theme. You will also find artwork inspired rugs here, along with mandala and origami designs that really ensure there is a choice for every taste and style, and they also offer rug care and repair services, making this an excellent all-in-one rug store.

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