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Published on December 6th, 2016 | by Steve Hanley


Green Festival Portland is Coming This Weekend!

The Green Festival Expo is coming to Portland, Oregon this weekend! The show runs from December 9 through December 11 and is located in Halls B and C of the Oregon Convention Center. Admission is free.

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What is the Green Festival?

It’s a celebration of how the world can move forward without the daily threat of fossil fuels that pollute the air, the oceans, and the land. The organizers have a credo that goes like this: “As long as the world continues to use oil, there will be steep costs born by those communities that live and work at the points of oil exploration, production, transport, refining, selling, and disposal. Far too often, these costs are unnoticed and unheeded by any outside of those immediate communities who are then left to do battle against Big Oil in virtual isolation and often with little success.”

In a world where climate change deniers are about to take over control of all three branches of government, it might help you to lift your post election melancholy to come out to the Convention Center and mingle with people who share your values and world view.

The group is a supporter of a carbon fee that raises the price of fossil fuels so they bear their fair share of the environmental damage and health risk they cause. The organizers of the Green Festival Expo believe that their work “uncovers and exposes these harms.” By standing together with other advocacy groups, they “create a powerful base advocating for real policy change.

For as long as we continue to use oil, its operations will be as clean, safe, humane, and equitable as possible as we work to move away from oil altogether and towards a clean sustainable energy future.” Green Festivals is also offsetting its emissions with a partnership with Carbon Capital Credit. 

If you think these are the kind of people you would feel comfortable with, head on over to the Oregon Convention Center this weekend. You will meet social entrepreneurs and community leaders who believe as you do. Celebrate and enjoy everything from green energy systems to fair trade certified products to organic food. Attendees are able to see, hear, feel, smell and taste the what a socially just economy will be like.

Learn more about the social and environmental groups you can meet at the Green Festival!

Eat all the food at Green Festival, which is a fully vegetarian/vegan event!

Support local Portland non-profits with the Green Festival Community Award!

Important Media is a media partner of Green Festival

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