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Published on November 15th, 2016 | by Carolyn Fortuna


Different Ways to Wear a Scarf from MATTER

There are so many different ways to wear a scarf! Learn tips for scarf tying and wearing from sustainable brand MATTER. We love this ethical company and check out some of their looks!

different ways to wear a scarf

MATTER is socially motivated business that focuses on affordable luxury fashion and thoughtful design. Their line of travel wear is filled with stories to tell. If you want to support a sustainable business that’s passionate about fostering a culture grounded on provenance, MATTER is for you. They want to encourage their consumers to uncover, value, and celebrate the process of where and why something is made. MATTER’s mission is to:

  • foster designer-artisan collaborations;
  • inspire consumers to value provenance and process; and,
  • pioneer industry change and sustainability for rural textile communities.

Since MATTER’s founding, the company has paid tribute to a regional and vibrant cultural heritage through Asian styled garments. More recently, they’ve extended their range of products to include scarves as well. There are so many kinds of MATTER scarves and so many materials from which to choose! Some of their scarves are hand blockprinted in Jaipur, Rajasthan with fourth generation artisan partner, AK Textiles. This variety of MATTER scarves is lovingly made with threaded balls and tassel details from a cotton silk blend. MATTER also has a Jamdani collection of scarves which are part of a collaboration with New Delhi based designer, Sonica Kapur. This line is handwoven and hand embroidered by an artisan community based in Habibpur, India and is made from 100% cotton muslin.

MATTER scarves should become a fun part of your wardrobe. Since scarves are often a necessary fashion accessory — think how easily they solve your dreary morning, “What will I wear?” routine— the MATTER scarves can take your wardrobe to a whole new fashion level. They’re an affordable way to refresh your wardrobe, offering a refined look for your business attire, gently covering the curves of pregnancy, or soothing the wrinkles of aging. When traveling, a MATTER scarf can be essential, as it can dress up a plain outfit for evening wear.

An artistically-tied MATTER scarf can make a simple outfit look and feel brand new. And it’s easy to find new, unique ways to wear your scarves with the help of MATTER. Whether you have one or more MATTER scarves in your collection, you can test out some of the following 9 scarf tying techniques. And, remember: There’s no wrong way to wear a MATTER scarf.

Style 1 – The cape

Style 2 – The knotted turban

Style 3 – The necklace

Style 4 – The tassels turban

Style 5 – The sarong

Style 6 – The head wrap

Style 7 – The vest

Style 8 – The simple turban

Style 9 – The envelope wrap

By tying your MATTER scarves in one of these nine ways, you’re sending the message that what you wear is a part of your larger sustainable lifestyle decisions. You’re trimming the amount of carbon you give off and chemicals you bring into your life. You’re purchasing pieces that show how people and places mean as much as (or more than) a company’s bottom line. With MATTER scarves, you’ll support sustainability and ethical productions, which helps to show how you’re willing to do your part for the good of the earth.

This post was sponsored by MATTER. All opinions are 100% mine. Images from the company, used with permission.

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