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Published on July 28th, 2016 | by Guest Contributor


Throw a Better Party with bambu

We are thrilled to introduce you to the beautiful, thoughtfully-designed partyware from our partners at bambu*.

compostable dinnerware

compostable dinnerware from bambu

When you’re party planning, choosing disposable dishware is definitely the most convenient option. Disposables tend to be lighter to carry in, and when you get home there are no dishes to wash. The trouble with conventional disposables is that they are landfill-bound after you’re done with them. You also need to consider the footprint of producing those products. Plastic dishware is made from petroleum, and while paper is a better choice, you have to consider the impact on forests.

This is where bambu® comes in. Instead of paper or plastic, bambu disposables are made from fast-growing, organic bamboo. Everything in bambu’s line is sourced and designed with a cradle-to-cradle model in mind and a beautiful addition to your tablescape.

Bambu’s compostable partyware is a more sustainable option that doesn’t sacrifice a bit of style. It’s down-to-earth enough for an everyday picnic, yet has an earthy beauty that’s perfect for weddings and other upscale outdoor events.

compostable dinnerware

Bambu’s line of Veneerware® is rustically beautiful and totally practical for both inside or outside eating. They even offer beautiful bamboo cutlery that you can compost after using. No more plastic forks and spoons for you!

On top of being just plain gorgeous, bambu dishware is FDA food safe, and compostable. Instead of sending your dirty dishes to the landfill, you collect them for the compost. If you don’t have access to commercial composting, the Find a Composter tool can help you figure out where to drop those party leftovers.

The Bambu Difference

Of course, you can technically toss a paper plate into the compost bin, so what makes Veneerware better? The different is in how this company does business. Bambu’s founders, Jeff Delkin and Rachel Speth, don’t just make their products in China. When they moved their production from Oregon to China, they also moved their family. They wanted to maintain the sustainable practices they’d established in their Portland operation.

Delkin and Speth are committed to growing and harvesting their bamboo sustainably, to ensuring fair labor practices, and to creating a beautiful, high quality finished product. To maintain that standard of excellence, they needed to be nearby. At their factory in Shanghai, they work hard to source local, ethical bamboo and collaborate closely with their workers to ensure a safe working environment.

Bambu Shanghai Team

Bambu’s Shanghai Team

Living right there at the source allows the duo to closely monitor every step of the company’s production. They couldn’t do what they do without their feet on the ground in China, working personally with their producers and fostering relationships and friendships with workers and vendors. They adhere to a rigorous annual auditing process and third-party testing. Both their products and their facilities are third-party certified for safety, fair business practices and safe working conditions. They have even been recognized as a Green America Certified Business.

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This post was sponsored by our partners at Bambu. All opinions are 100% my own. Images from the company, used with permission. 

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