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Published on April 18th, 2016 | by Becky Striepe


Full Circle BREEZE Composter Makes Composting Easier

The folks at Full Circle sent me their Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector and compostable bags to try out*, and I am in love.

The folks at Full Circle sent me their BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector and compostable bags to try out, and I am in love.

While composting is important to me, I am not super into actually doing it myself. I don’t like things that are gross and smelly, and I don’t have time to maintain a home compost heap. Atlanta, where I live, doesn’t have municipal composting, so we use a third party composting service to take away our compost each week, and they give us back dirt twice a year. It’s awesome, and the BREEZE setup works perfectly with our routine.

There are some things about collecting kitchen scraps that I do not love, and the BREEZE solved these issues beautifully. The main issue is that our kitchen bin got kind of stinky, if I didn’t take the compost out every single day. With a toddler in the house, that’s not a realistic schedule. My other issue is that emptying it out was kind of a mess. I was afraid to stick anything too moist in our kitchen bucket, because by the time I was emptying, it had turned into some kind of putrid cement at the bottom of the bucket that I then had to scrape out with a stick. It was gross, and I hated it. And the BREEZE system fixed my life.

The BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector and Fresh Air Compostable Waste Bags work together to make home composting not gross and not smelly. The bags are compostable in municipal composters, meaning they won’t break down well in your home bin. Since we use a third party company, they worked great for us, and they’d work great for anyone who uses municipal composting or a service like we do.

The folks at Full Circle sent me their BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector and compostable bags to try out, and I am in love.

Their composting bags fit into the bin, and you secure them in place with a little ring around the top. That stops the bag from slipping into the bucket, something I’ve experienced with other bucket and liner situations. If the bag falls in, then you get to dig through old food scraps to recover it. That little snap-in ring makes all the difference.

To take your compost out, you just lift the ring, lift out the bag, and tie it off. The other bonus of using their compostable bags is that now my three-year-old can help take out the compost! He loves to help with little chores like this. Look how proud he is!

The folks at Full Circle sent me their BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector and compostable bags to try out, and I am in love.

Mama’s little composter!

The compost collector is made from a mix of new and recycled plastic, and I really like the lime green color of mine. If you prefer a more subtle, sleek look, they have one that comes in basic black. The bags are made from compostable, plant-based plastic and are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI). BPI is a third-party service that tests and certifies compostable products, to make sure they truly are compostable.

You can check out Full Circle’s complete line of composting products on their website.

Our awesome partners at Full Circle are offering up a BREEZE Odor-Free Countertop Compost Collector to one lucky Green Living Ideas reader! Enter the giveaway below.

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*Full Circle is sponsoring our sister site, Eat Drink Better, and this review is part of that sponsorship package. All opinions are 100% mine. Hands off my compost collector! Images from the company except as noted; used with permission.

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