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Published on July 12th, 2011 | by belleterre


Composting for the Masses

Composting is the process of taking biodegradable waste and allowing it to breakdown through a natural process that results in a nutrient-rich fertilizer/soil amendment.  Everyone should compost.  It’s so easy and a great way to do your small part to help our environment.

Why compost?

Why not?  Landfills are overflowing.  We produce significantly more waste than we can process.  In the United States, 21% of that waste is yard and food waste that could be handled through other disposal options. So, why send something to a garbage dump to sit when at very little cost and effort, we can benefit from it right here at home?  Compost reduces the waste at landfills, adds to soil fertility, improves aeration, and encourages healthy root development in plants.

Who should compost?

In short, everyone should.  In some countries and cities, composting is mandatory.  For example, in San Francisco not composting your food waste could result in a $500  fine.  Regardless of your living arrangements apartment, condo, house or farm – the opportunity to compost exists and should be undertaken as an easy step toward a greener lifestyle.

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