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Published on September 17th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Philip Thomas Mesman Explains Why Green apps Are the Next Big Wave

As the temperature begins to cool, energy prices are set to increase, again, leaving many Ontarians worried about soaring electricity bills. Energy costs have gone up 16 percent in the last two and half years and are expected to jump another 13 percent over the next five. Well savvy homeowners owners get more creative with ways to save energy, some innovative green apps are gaining popularity and notoriety. And they are all accessible from your smartphone.


In an effort to help combat rising energy costs and save the environment, there has been a proliferation of green apps to hit the market in the last five years. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in the United States estimates that there are over 290 green apps on the market, all aimed at helping consumers protect the environment and save money while doing so. Even better, the number of these apps is steadily growing. There are more than 100 apps to monitor the air quality in your home; apps that can tell you if that plastic container is recyclable and where to recycle it in your area; even apps that can help you order energy efficient light bulbs.

Some of the most popular green-focused mobile apps are those that provide total home monitoring. These can control lights, turn appliances and power bars on and off, and monitor appliance energy use. All this data can conveniently be displayed on your smartphone. While industry experts know this isn’t the great fix all for our energy consumption issues, they agree it is an important step in creating dialogue and raising awareness about consumption.

“Information combined with immediate control and the ability to set goals gets results,” said Mr.Buhkin, lead developer of Tendril, a company that provides technology that allows consumers to set energy-savings goals, then shows them how they are managing those goals.

From energy saving tips to electricity calculators, there is an app to fit every need. Philip Thomas Mesman, a game and tech developer in Oakville, Ontario and founder of PT Techconsulting, thinks green apps are going to be the next big wave in the app sector. “Green apps are popular because they are cool and have the potential to save money, two things consumers love,” Philip Thomas Mesman added.

As more citizens become environmentally conscious, the smartphone is quickly becoming another tool in the arsenal of green products. “56 percent of Canadians own and use smartphones,” Mesman pointed out. Mesman continued, “If only half of those people use green apps, that is still a quarter of the population.”

If anything, that proves the green app market is big business.

The convenience and immediacy green apps offer is also appealing and as Philip Thomas Mesman notes, we haven’t even scratched the surface of all the potential when it comes to the environment and mobile technology.

“Google recently launched an app that can calculate how much solar energy your home can potentially produce,” Mesman said. “I am sure that will attract even more consumers to solar technology, something which is good for the environment and can generate income for the homeowner.”

Twenty years ago the idea of controlling your home’s lights from a hand tablet was the work of science fiction. Now it is a reality for millions of smartphone users. Green apps prove that the advancement of technology doesn’t have to come at the cost of the environment, in fact the two can be brought together in innovative ways.

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