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Published on February 13th, 2019 | by Guest Contributor


5 Modern Trends to Consider in Your Kitchen Design

Planning to remake your kitchen? It’s the most commonly remodeled room in the home, and you’ll find ways to achieve just about any aesthetic or level of usability you want, from making a space to welcome family to installing commercial-grade appliances.

Here are five modern trends to consider with your new kitchen design.

5 Modern Trends to Consider in Your Kitchen Design

Image from EcoCabinets, used with permission

1. Two Toned

Gone are the days when kitchens were designed with a profusion of colours. However, monochromatic designs are also rare. Today’s kitchens are more and more frequently two-toned. For instance, consider grey cabinetry with off-white counters and walls. It is classy, yet modern, and can give any kitchen an instant upgrade. You don’t need to go the grey/white route, either. Pair your two favourite colours together and make things fun.

2. Retro Colours

Once upon a time, lime green and orange were pretty common colours for kitchens. Then the 80s happened, and the 90s and 2000s drive those colours from our minds. Today, though, brightly coloured kitchen design is on the rise once more. This is particularly true with warm colours, although bright colours like lime green can also work quite well with certain designs.

3. Taller Backsplashes

Backsplashes were once nothing more than a run of tiles, one tile high, around the back of the sink and the counters. Today, they have evolved into a more eye-catching feature. Look for backsplash designs that span half the wall, or even the entire visible wall behind counters and sinks to add visual appeal, and to tie into your accent colours.

4. Going Green

A growing number of companies offer the ability to go green with your kitchen design. From cabinets made with recycled materials to using reclaimed materials in the build, there are plenty of options that can help make the world a happier, greener place.

5. Custom Larders

One of the most interesting trends for 2019 in terms of kitchen design is the rise of the custom larder, or pantry. These spaces give you specially designated ingredient storage areas, including temperature and light control, so that you can easily store whatever you need to bring together your next culinary masterpiece.

These are just a few of the trends in kitchen design that you should know about. There are plenty of others that can be accommodated into your build, such as kitchen islands as social spaces, and the use of peninsulas where islands will not work.

This post was supported by EcoCabinets; kitchen image from EcoCabinets, used with permission

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