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Published on August 12th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Riaz Mamdani is Supporting Entrepreneurism with Sustainable Initiatives

The movement to develop new and innovative sustainable technologies is more than just a call to action to improve the environment — it’s also become a driver for startup cultures around the United States and Canada.

It makes sense that the ambition to introduce greener technology and greener ways of living would work hand-in-hand with young startup companies. Out-of-the-box thinking, risk-taking, the desire to follow one’s passion — all these qualities are in character with young startups. They also happen to be qualities of entrepreneurs who are bringing the latest and most exciting sustainable technologies to the marketplace.


San Fransisco may get the lion-share of attention for its vibrant startup culture. However, other cities should be just as proud of their entrepreneurial scene. Calgary, Canada is becoming one of them.

With strong grassroots support from organizations like StartUp Calgary and AcceleratorYYC, not to mention weekly media attention from The Calgary Herald and events like Alberta Tech Week, over the past decade the city of Calgary has made its presence known as a thriving entrepreneurial centre. As a result, the city has enjoyed being the birthplace of industry innovators like Kissmetrics, PrintToPeer and ENV Data.

Calgary has also been home to environmental-focused startups, such as the above-mentioned ENV Data, which provides oil and gas companies with baseline environmental information and constraints, and SimplySolar, a startup launched by two 18-year olds with a goal of helping those in developing countries better align their solar panels.

Having functional office space to work in is, needless to say, imperative for any business, and that’s particularly the case for young startups. It’s good to note, then, that real estate executives like Riaz Mamdani have the interest of startups in mind.

Riaz Mamdani is the CEO and founder of Strategic Group, a Calgary-based real estate company that owns, manages and develops properties across Canada. Riaz Mamdani himself is an entrepreneur and has committed his organization to adding to the amount of clean, sustainable office properties in and around Calgary.

Strategic Group’s “Strategically Green” initiative, introduced in 2009 and an initiative which Riaz Mamdani led, established a company-wide goal of introducing building improvements and new technologies as a way of making Strategic Group’s commercial properties more sustainable. The company introduced things like continuous monitoring and load-matching heating, ventilation and AC systems in their properties. Strategic Group also worked to maximize the amount of daylight and window views in their commercial spaces, among a hefty list of other sustainable-centred initiatives.

The work that Strategic Group and Riaz Mamdani have done has had a twofold effect – it’s made it easier for startups in Calgary to find clean, green-friendly offices space to build their companies out of. More broadly, Strategic Group has helped those who occupy their properties to practice a more sustainable way of living.

Riaz Mamdani has commented in the past that he has a passion for functional office environments that reinforce and help create a corporate culture that drives creativity and productivity.

Commenting more specifically on the importance of creating sustainable office space, Riaz Mamdani adds, “One of the drivers behind changes in our industry is the advancement in technology and the expectations of a new workforce generation. Being able to think progressively in a way that marries functionality and environmentally makes for an exciting time to be in real estate development.”

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