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Published on July 1st, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Which Countries are Making the Most Progress for Renewable Energy?

Good things are happening all over the world for renewable energy. Solar energy capacity is increasing all over the world, wind power is expanding in water and on land, and battery storage technology is increasing at a rapid rate, ensuring that the renewable energy that is created is being stored well.

But which countries are making the most progress for renewable energy? We’ve gone through the archives of Clean Technica, one of the leading clean tech websites on the web, along with Solar Love, a site dedicated to all things solar-related, to take a peek at what’s happening around the globe in renewable energy.

Which Countries are Making the Most Progress for Renewable Energy? Who’s the leader in solar power? As reported on Clean Technica, “Cumulative utility-scale solar power generation capacity reached 35.9 GW at the end of 2014, with record new capacity addition last year, Wiki Solar has reported. Over 14 GW of utility-scale solar power capacity was added during 2014. North and Central America and Asia led all markets to take the annual capacity addition to the highest level ever. During 2013 about 7.4 GW capacity was added worldwide.” You can see in the graph below which countries are leading in solar capacity:

Which Countries are Making the Most Progress for Renewable Energy?And who’s the leader in wind power? It’s a tight race between China and the United States, but as of January 2015, the US was the clear winner. As written on Clean Technica, “the United States takes first place, delivering over 167 billion kWh of wind energy in 2013, over 20% more than China, which delivered just under 138 billion kWh in 2013.” You can see in the chart below that Germany, who ranked evenly just a decade ago, is now a far third place since the wind power expansion has not improved markedly over the last decade (at least in terms of wind…see below for inspiration from the Deutsch-land!)

world leader in wind power is US

But there is so much more! Here are some of the highlights of renewable energy expansion from the beginning months of 2015 and the previous year:

United States



  • Solar power to comprise 25% of India’s power by 2022.
  • 100 GW wind energy capacity planned for 2022
  • Another 1 GW solar power plant to be built in Tamil Nadu, the southernmost state in India, which is aiming for 3 GW of installed capacity by the end of this year, and 1 GW capacity added every subsequent year.
  • 40 GW of solar capacity slated for development in Rajasthan, contributing to India’s plans to have solar power capacity at 100 GW by 2022. If all developers fulfill their commitments Rajasthan would boast at least 40% of this huge solar power infrastructure.
  • 750 MW facility is coming online soon
  • 100 MW solar PV project planned
  • Indian Railways to create 1 GW solar plan





South Africa:

Which Countries are Making the Most Progress for Renewable Energy2

And some other cool stuff happening around the world:



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