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Published on June 24th, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


4 Reasons To Buy Used Instead Of New Homeware

Green living means finding ways to make sure that your life has a minimal impact on the environment. But in order to make this feasible for the majority, there have to be reasonable ways to do this.


Buying used instead of new homeware is one way that you can ensure you have a green home.

What makes it appealing are the numbers of ways that used items can enrich your life, preserve the environment and be really useful, beautiful homeware without the huge price tag.

Repurposing Gives You Endless Options

The Other Duckling, a shabby chic and retro homeware store, collect vintage or used items and fix them up without diminishing their charm. Their collection of homeware and accessories is replete with repurposed items which have many various uses. This leaves the buyer free to decide how to use them. For example, a glass vase doesn’t just have to be for flowers, you could use it for decorative beads or as a wine carafe.

By repurposing your vintage or used finds, you can give it new life and a new use. Just because a wooden crate is not being used to carry produce, doesn’t mean you can’t find it a place in your new home as a magazine basket or blanket box.

You Can Save Money

Living green is seen by many as a good way to save money. Despite the initial extra effort of making these changes, the financial benefits make it worthwhile. By buying used items instead on new you can save money in both the long and short term.

While a trip to Ikea might provide you with all your home essentials in one trip, they won’t be of particularly high quality. However, if you look for used items at a car boot sale or second hand store, you could find items that are of a better quality for a lower price and an even better look.

If you are willing to take the time, you will be able to find some amazing finds at bargain prices.

Better Quality Homeware Lasts A Lifetime…Or More

Used or vintage homeware has already stood the test of time. If you find homeware in a decent condition then you can be assured that it is of a high quality. Craftsmanship over the years has decreased in some businesses as many have taken to favoring cheap and disposable products. This is because they can save on expensive build materials and possibly make more money by getting buyers to re-purchase items that don’t last.

Just decades ago, carpenters, potters and painters would have wanted their products to be as durable as possible as a sign of their quality. They wanted their pieces to last a lifetime or more.

You may think good quality homeware, at affordable prices, would be few and far between, but you could be surprised by what is out there just waiting to be found and repurposed into something great for your home.

Protect The Environment

At the end of the day, buying used instead of new is an easy way of getting two for the price of one. Not only do you get unique, good quality and visually interesting homeware, but you are saving the environment from more waste.

The average UK household produces over a tonne of waste per year, which is not only a lot but too much. Especially when there are many ways to cut down on your waste. Avoid bringing more future waste into your home by buying used instead of new homeware and make your life and the environment happier for the future.

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