Green Lifestyle oroeco helps fight climate change with new iPhone app

Published on April 22nd, 2015 | by Guest Contributor


Oroeco Helps Fight Climate Change with new iPhone app

Oroeco makes it easy and fun to take climate action with your friends!

oroeco helps fight climate change with new iPhone app

Oroeco helps fight climate change with a new iPhone app

Happy Earth Day from team Green Living Ideas! We know that climate change is a growing threat, and although we have climate heroes to look up to and green companies taking action everyday, it’s really up to us as consumers to take the next step and become climate activists in our everyday life.

oroeco iphone appAs we’ve written about before, Oroeco is a beautifully designed app that makes it easy to take daily action on climate change. Founder Ian Monroe is betting that the solution to climate action is found in a game.

The Oroeco iPhone app aims to make solving climate change easy and fun by combining automated personal carbon footprint tracking with social gaming and real-world prizes. “We already know all the technology and policy tools we need to solve climate change, from cheap solar to carbon prices,” says Oroeco founder Ian Monroe, who also teaches courses on climate and energy at Stanford University. “What we still need to do is engage the public to scale up solutions fast enough to prevent disaster.”

“The biggest problem isn’t the climate deniers anymore,” continues Monroe. “The core challenge is apathy from the majority of us who see the crisis ahead but don’t see the connection to our own choices. We like to blame politicians and corporations, but their actions are connected to our votes and our money, and the majority of climate pollution is linked to our own spending, investment and lifestyle decisions.”

“Oroeco makes it easy for you to both track your impacts on climate and see the top things you can do to improve, from transportation and home energy, to diet, shopping and entertainment choices,” says Kyoko Ikemoto, lead mobile developer for Oroeco’s women-led engineering team.

“We also show you how acting on climate can save a lot of money,” says Monroe. “And, most importantly, Oroeco makes things fun and rewarding by letting you compare, compete and collaborate with your friends for ‘Climate Champion’ status and cash prizes.” Oroeco is currently giving away Nest thermostats and $250 prizes, and Oroeco’s partners at UC Berkeley have found the average home can save over $1,000 per year while reducing climate pollution by over 20%.

oroeco iphone app

“It’s all about putting information and incentives in the right places,” says Monroe. “Our phones and social networks can be amazing forces for positive change. There are still a lot of features we’re adding, and we want to give away bigger prizes (like Teslas), but we already think Oroeco can help us all become part of a collective solution to one of the world’s biggest problems.”

Through a partnership with Al Gore and Pharrell Williams’ Live Earth concert series, Oroeco hopes to inspire millions to take action and build momentum for the highly-anticipated United Nations climate deal in Paris this December, which has been in the works for over two decades.

To get the app, download in the iTunes store, and for more information: visit and, or contact

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