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Top 5 Toilet Water Conservation Devices

Money Toilet

We’ve all heard the expression, “flushing money down the toilet” , but did you ever realize that it’s true? Seriously! Every time you flush your toilet it’s costing you money in the form of your monthly water bill. So to help you save both money and agony, we’ve come up with the top 5 toilet water conservation devices.

Number 1 – The TapNFlush

When it comes to conserving water in your toilet, the TapNFlush is the best. Not only is it quick and easy to install, it can save you up to $100 per year or more! That’s a savings of nearly twice what it will cost you to get it. But don’t just take our word for it, check out these reviews of the TapNFlush from Amazon. “It took 2 minutes to be installed without any tools!!!” said David Hsing. “Whether you are looking to save money on your water bill or help save the environment, this kit will accomplish the goal.” said Cute Chihuahua.

Number 2 – The Niagara Conservation Water Saving Toilet Tank Bag

Another great way to save money in your toilet is to install one of the toilet tank bags from Niagara Conservation. It’s easy to install and requires virtually no maintenance. Not only that it’s, it’s a low cost way to eventually rack up some big savings!

Number 3 – Fluidmaster Duo Flush Toilet Valve

If installed properly, the fluidmaster can be a great way to conserve water in your toilet. It’s also relatively cheap to purchase, but can require you to be a little bit of a handyman to install it. But, if you’re someone who fancies themselves as such, this could work for you.

Number 4 – HydroRight Drop-in Dual Flush Converter

Using the HydroRight Drop-in can be a great way to save both money and water. This will allow you to convert your toilet into a dual flush toilet, complete with two separate buttons in place of your old handle! The installation may take a little bit longer to do, but it will be time well spent.

Number 5 – Leak Detector Dye Tablets

A big part of saving money is knowing that you’re loosing money. By using these dye tablets, you can determine whether or not your toilet is leaking and costing you even more money. While it won’t necessary fix the problem with your leaky toilet, it’s the first step to identifying ways to save money. Check out this article to learn how to test your toilet for leaks.


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