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The True Cost Of Light Bulbs: LED vs CFL vs Incandescent

Thomas Edison (the man who invented the modern incandescent light bulb as we know it) once said “We will make electricity so cheap that only the rich will burn candles”. While I appreciate the philanthropic nature of his comment, something tells me he never would have predicted just how much it costs to power the light […]

February 19th

How To Replace Your Toilet’s Flapper Valve

If you’re trying to think of ways to save money and water around your home, try looking in the tank of your toilets. I know, it’s not the most logical spot, but if left un-checked a constantly running toilet can add a substantial amount of money to your monthly water bill (the Environmental Protection Agency […]

January 19th

How To Replace A Leaky Supply Line On Your Toilet

When it comes to saving water and money around your home, an odd, but important place to look is in your toilet. If left unchecked, a leaky toilet can add a substantial amount of money to your monthly water bill. Did you know that 10% of US homes have a leak that wastes on average […]

December 19th

How To Install a High Efficiency Cache Aerator

A great way to ensure that your home is using both water and energy efficiently is by installing a high efficiency faucet aerator in both your kitchen and bathroom faucets. However, not all kitchen and bathroom faucets will be the same. In some cases the aerator will be embedded into the fixture itself (like the […]

December 18th