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Published on June 20th, 2014 | by Peter Young


Go Kin Packs – Always A Step In The Right Direction

For most of us, “getting off the grid” is viewed as a necessary part of life. It’s a chance for us to engage with the natural world, turn off our phones and enjoy some peace and quiet. However, there are times when being “plugged in” is just as vital. That ability to be connected at a moments notice could mean the difference between life and death. So how do we bridge this gap between want and need? Meet Bill Ostrom and the Go Kin Pack.

Bill has been designing and developing outdoor products and technology for over 26 years, and the Go Kin Pack is the latest in his long line of achievements. These packs seem to have more benefits than you can count. Not only is it a seemingly limitless power source, that has almost no carbon footprint; It could also be the mobile power source that makes an emergency stress call possible. With these packs you can stay both plugged into your online-self and the world around you. However this is just the tip of the iceberg.

The walking power technology pioneered by Go Kin Packs can have major implications for military, medical and emergency response professionals and more. So if you’re inspired by this eco-friendly technology that’s good for both peoples wallets and waistlines, make a donation to their Kickstarter Campaign.

Donations for Bill’s campaign start at $1 CAD and go as high as $12,000 CAD (which will get you a 12 day guided canoe trip, the Go Kin Pack system, a t-shirt and most likely a high five from Bill).  Regardless of how much you donate, you’ll definitely get some piece of mind in knowing that you’ve helped make the world a greener place.

Look to see if Bill, and his walking power technology, will be coming to a city near you. They’ll both be on the move to spread the word about the next step in green technology.

This post was generously sponsored by Go Kin Packs.

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