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Published on February 24th, 2014 | by Guest Contributor


Health Benefits of Turmeric

We’re big fans of natural healing here at Green Living Ideas. There are so many wonderful cures found in seeds, roots and leaves! Best of all, these cures don’t have nearly as many side effects (or corporate interests!) as regular pharmaceuticals.

One of the most powerful natural medicinals is turmeric. It’s a root related to ginger, smaller in size and orange in color. Most famously, turmeric is used to help with inflammation, but it can also help with digestive issues, helps improve eyesight and leads to clear, healthy skin. It’s easy to grow too: check out our how to grow ginger post to learn more!

Recently on Green UPGRADER I wrote a lengthy post about the many health benefits of turmeric. Click through to read why Chinese, Indian (Ayurvedic) and Hawaiian traditional medical practices all consider turmeric to be one of the worlds most important medicinals.


my own homegrown turmeric!

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