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Food Revolution: What is Pink Slime and Why Should you Care?

Ever wondered exactly what is pink slime? Jamie Oliver, charming British chef and passionate activist for real food, breaks down the process, legal here in the United States for rendering ‘unusable’ bits of meat, sinew and stuff after processing the animal, into food for school lunches. Not only is this process revolting to the core, this is a public health nightmare. Check out the video, which I found on Fit for Life.

In other, shockingly disgusting news, my favorite health care activist, Dr. Greger of Nutrition recently recleased this video asking the question, what really is inside a fast-food burger? Surely most of us think that the burger at the restaurant is the meat from one cow, or at least from one farm. Turns out, the truth is scarier and grosser than you can imagine. In a recent medical journal study, it was found that only 5 billion burgers eat year and those burgers contain very little actual ‘meat.’ Instead, the burgers from the eight major fast food stores was found to have pretty high percentages of things like blood vessels, nerves and cartridge (but no brains). Watch the short video to see  the percentage of meat in the burgers… But here’s a clue; Dr. Greger says that with such little meat, “They’re practically vegetarian!”


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