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4 Ways to be a Happy Camper on Summer Vacation

Green Divas tips for being a happy camper
Whether you are headed to the beach, or to experience a farm stay, or to a luxurious (but eco-friendly) hotel somewhere, or to visit family, or to pitch a tent in your favorite spot in nature, we shared tips for you on the Green Divas Radio Show this week. We focused a bit on camping, which also led us to our favorite interview with The Dark Ranger, Kevin Poe, who is a park ranger in Bryce Canyon and a passionate advocate for preserving our night sky. There is nothing like a gorgeous dark sky filled with stars on a summer night, right? But, sadly many of us who live in cities and suburbs are losing sight of the stars and we have to trek far away from all those lights to see that gorgeous night sky. But that is the least of the problems light pollution poses. It is a serious hazard to wildlife, human health and the environment! Please keep reading to learn more . . . But first, let’s see about that summer vacation!

3 Easy, Delicious Camp Foodie Recipes

Green Diva Gina, whose Greek heritage comes through when it comes to being a foodie, did a wonderful post and report this week on the show about some fun camping recipes she and her friends came up with on a recent camping trip in Vermont. We all got into this segment. Read her original post to get recipes for Camp Caprese Salad (and the basil doubles as mosquito repellent!), Camp Kabobs, and don’t forget the Grilled Banana Split!

Listen to the early part of the show to hear this great Green Diva Foodie Flash segment!

Eco-Travel & Eco-Tourism

Green Dude Eco Ed did a great report on a variety of ways to have a lighter carbon footprint when we travel. He talked about farm stays, ‘glamping’, eco-tourism and gave some examples of some wonderful places to consider visiting in Hawaii and Costa Rica! Read the full show post for details, links and resources for this segment. Listen to this 5-minute Green Dude segment on Eco-Travel & Eco-Tourism

3 Easy & Useful DIY Projects to Make Camping More Fun

Green Diva Mizar's DIY walking stickAs always, Green Diva Mizar shared 3 great ideas for easy DIY projects that should help make camping more fun. A couple of them are revamped DIY tutorials from earlier posts, but if you listen to the short podcast, you’ll get the deets.

1. Fool-proof Fire Starers 2. Upcycled glass jar lanterns (she alters her holiday glass jar lantern DIY) 3. Making your own walking stick

Listen to GD Mizar’s 5-minute podcast on DIY camp projects!

Learn about Light Pollution from the Dark Ranger!

protecting our dark skies from light pollution

4 – 5 million birds die every year due to unnecessary light pollution!

Please read my post – 8 things you can do to reduce light pollution – to find out more. Listen to the whole show and especially the interview segment with the Dark Ranger, Kevin Poe

And, if you want a chuckle, check out our latest silly product review video – Gracie and Spooky get in the action.

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