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Published on February 17th, 2013 | by Guest Contributor


Green Washing Machines for Eco-Friendly Homes

We have all become increasingly environmentally conscious over the past few decades. We now drive cars that consume less petrol and use energy efficient light bulbs that use less voltage than in the past. A reflection of this increased awareness can be seen in the growing popularity of eco-friendly washing machines. So then, what are some of the key benefits that these modern devices offer?

Of primary concern is the fact that traditional washing machine units required a large amount of electricity to function. Green washing machines require much less energy to operate. Computerised washing systems assure that no more electricity is needed than necessary while simultaneously calculating load weights, how dirty the clothes may be, the optimum temperature and proper spin cycle time. This serves to greatly save on energy consumption and cut down on monthly electric bills. Furthermore, some machines even monitor water hardness and the type of detergents used, also increasing wash cycle efficiency. Also, let us not forget that many washing machines have a much greater load capacity than in the past; some up to twelve kilograms per wash. This eliminates the need for multiple loads and also goes a long way in protecting the environment while saving the homeowner time and money.

Another key feature with these “smart” systems is the fact that they consume much less water than in previous models. Such brands as the LG 7-Cycle Front Load Washer and the Maytag Neptune all use much more advanced monitoring systems which use less water while at the same time removing even the most stubborn dirt and stains from clothes. Also, many brands such as General Electric use a system known as HydroMotion(tm) wash action. This breakthrough process kills bacteria which would otherwise be present while eliminating even the toughest of stains. This self-cleaning mechanism does much more than eliminate germs and prevent mould build-up, but it also allows for more efficient flow and helps in further reducing water consumption. Additionally, many machines now use a reverse washing action. This serves to not only offer a greater control over cleaning times but can remove stains quicker than previously possible. Once again, this feature allows for less overall running time and less energy consumption.

So, it seems that eco-friendly washing machines have now become a reality for many homeowners. The previously mentioned models represent but a small fraction of the multitude of options that a consumer has when shopping for a new machine. The Tesco range of washing machines provides individuals with a choice of proven brand names such as Indesit and Whirlpool while consistently offering rock-bottom prices. These machines save time, money and most importantly can help to protect our fragile environment.

This post sponsored by Tesco, seller of energy efficient washing and drying machines.

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