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Published on April 16th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


A Water Flosser your Teeth and Mother Earth will Love

We recently covered water flossers and soon after thought the topic warranted further investigation about their energy efficiency. Inevitably they all use minimal amounts of electricity but one that stood out among the rest. The Profloss Water Flosser fell in a league of its own and lead the way as a true eco-winner.

Here are a few ways the electricity-free Profloss Water Flosser is greening oral health.

profloss waterflosser connecting

The Profloss water flosser connects easily.

 Energy Efficient Water Flosser

Without electricity or batteries, Profloss Water Flosser operates through the power of water. With no reservoir, water comes directly from the faucet allowing a more hygienic solution with comparable water use of traditional water flossers.

Compact Design Saves Counter Space

One method eco-minded individuals green their home is by removing clutter. Many families are also moving to smaller homes with less storage space. As a handheld unit, the ProFloss Water Flosser does not take up valuable counter space and comes with a compact travel case making storage easy. It quickly attaches and detaches from the faucet storing away when not in use. Some may prefer its lack of a reservoir offering a more hygienic solution for the bathroom since the toilet lid doesn’t always get closed and germs can spread up to six feet from the toilet.  That reservoir might make the perfect landing pad for bacteria.

This Water Flosser is Kid-Friendly

Green Living Ideas discussed children’s dental health regarding fluoride and its potential health concerns. If you have reduced your child’s exposure to fluoride than water flossing is another method for lowering their risk of dental caries. It’s small size makes it a good choice for children’s smaller hands as well adding some fun to oral care. It is virtually noise-free making it acceptable for little ones who are fearful of loud, strange noises. Some water flossers are even uncomfortably loud for adults. Since water flossers are a great tool for braces, this water flosser will help wearers clean where traditional floss just can’t reach.

Affordable Tooth Care

Water flossers are more expensive than most oral care tools, it’s true, but they are a valuable tool for dental hygiene. If you’re not yet willing to spend a good deal of money on a traditional water flossing unit than Proloss’s flosser is a good starting point. For under $20 you can cost effectively add water flossing to your daily dental regimen.

Deal for Green Living Ideas Readers

Profloss is offering Green Living Ideas readers a 20% discount on their Profloss Water Flosser purchase. Simply use this code at checkout:  GRNLVNG20 This coupon will expire on May 31, 2012. Visit their website for more information about the ProFloss Waterflosser.

Is cost a concern when researching water flossers? What type of brand and model do you own, and are you happy with it?


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