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Published on March 13th, 2012 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Make Your Own Lipstick Alternatives

We worry about lead in the paint, especially when purchasing a new home. It’s important enough an issue to include some major paperwork when signing for a home purchase. As Feel Good Style reports, lead is toxic enough to warrant candy makers to only allow .1 parts per million (ppm). However, it’s now surfaced in the cosmetic world that popular companies like L’Oreal are putting out products with up to 7.19 (ppm). While lipstick does serve the fashionista purpose of coloring the lips, most of us simply like the soft way it leave s our lips so risking our health just isn’t worth it. Finding a replacement is actually rather easy.

Here are a few lipstick replacements easily found and created at home.

mineral make-up

Bright mineral make-up choices

Mineral Make-Up to the Rescue

We have offered ways to color your nails using mineral make-up and this cosmetic do-all can also fabulously color your lips as well. If you’re a retro lover, like me, than reds are your go-to shades. Mineral make-up is made of earth elements so there are vibrant shades may not offer the deep dark red you’re use to. Still, the replacement colors available are amazing and you’re sure to find a color fitting of your needs. It might be fun to order a few samples and try them all out since most companies selling these type of cosmetics offer samples at a budget-friendly rate. Once you have your colorant, the mineral make-up, the rest is a piece of cake.

{cc photo courtesy of Brìbri on Flickr}

Olive oil

Olive oil

Cooking Oils

Depending on your cooking style, you may have a few options waiting for you in the kitchen. We cook with lots of olive oil and coconut oil and both make wonderful lip balms. I have reused old make-up containers to mix up new lip creations or found a new use for my weekly pill organizer. My organizer was left in the junk drawer once I started eating healthy and found less need for pill-form vitamins and nutrients.  Olive oil will be a liquid so also choose an small bottle for storing your  creation. Simply mix a little mineral make-up into your olive oil until the right shade is reached. The same can be done with your coconut oil using a toothpick or chopstick to mix in your color. Another culinary oil that feels great, and smell delicious is sesame seed. The sky’s the limit when you think of almond oil, sunflower oil and the many others on the market.

{cc photo courtesy of Chrystian Guy on Flickr}


salve from la grande farmer's market

Healing salve from la Grande Farmer's Market

Multipurpose Salve

Every home should have a multipurpose salve. This is the go-to first aid item for bites, scratches, cuts, rashes, itches and anything else that hurts. Our salve consists of 3 parts oil to one part beeswax along with our beloved tea tree and lavender for their antibacterial abilities. We also make a salve with a little peppermint essential oil for post exercise aches. This is the best one for making lip care since the peppermint offers soothing, refreshing qualities. Again you’ll find a container for your new natural cosmetic, add a bit of your salve, add your color of choice and mix.

{cc photo courtesy of La Grande Farmers’ Market  on Flickr}

chunk of cocoa butter

Chunk of cocoa butter

Cocoa Butter

I became quite fond of cocoa butter during my pregnancy. My family swore its abilities to nourish would keep me from getting stretch marks. Well, I still acquired a few stretch marks but the itching that came with an expanding tummy pretty much disappeared after my cocoa butter massages. A delightful side effect is its rich, chocolaty scent. Cocoa butter is a lot like coconut oil as it is a solid until heated. Your body temperature will melt the oil making it easy to smear across your lips. Simply scoop out or slice off a bit of cocoa butter, depending on how you store your butter, and melt it either in a double broiler or the microwave. Once liquefied you can add your colorant and mix it up. Place it in its chosen container quickly before it returns back to solid form. Although a little more difficult, you can even use the popular stick version of cocoa butter and return it to the stick for a more traditional lipstick reminiscent of the jumbo, flavored lip balms of adolescents. Create a fun label and even the kids will be fighting over it.

{cc photo courtesy of joana hard on Flickr}

What do you use to keep your lips moist and supple? Could you give up your favorite lipstick?

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