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Published on February 13th, 2012 | by Sonya Kanelstrand


How Toxic Cosmetics Are Killing Us

Starting a post about toxic chemicals in cosmetics, I must admit that I used to be your average girl for the majority of my life so far – loving makeup and striving to have perfectly looking skin, always fresh and beautiful. Although I never overdid makeup, every work day of my life has seen me with an eyeliner, mascara, foundation, eye shadow, and blush on.

Only recently did I embark on my eco-beautifying journey. A year ago I didn’t know anything about the toxic chemicals in shampoos, conditioners and make-up. Today, not only do I know what parabens do but I wash my hair with baking soda, use vinegar as a conditioner and dream of learning how to make my own soap.

The more I read the more appalled I become with the amount of danger we are unwittingly putting on our bodies, thinking we are doing the right thing. While I don’t believe in conspiracy theories claiming that there is a mighty body of selected few trying to kill us all, I firmly stand behind the claim that we and only we are responsible for our own health. That is why we owe it to ourselves to stay informed, so as to take the right decisions.

While using makeup is a personal decision and more of a preference, I find it extremely disturbing that even Oxybenzone, the sunscreen ingredient that protects us from ultraviolet rays is linked to hormone disruption and cellular damage.

Did you know that the sales of antiperspirants in the U.S. have increased with roughly 14,000% between 1945 and 2000, and at the same time, breast cancer rates have tripled? An informative post about the dangers of antiperspirants published on Green Living Ideas in 2008 explains the problem even further and gives solutions and ideas about natural alternatives we can revert to. Take a look at our last inspirational post for 2011 to find other alternatives of leading a conscious and healthy life.

The following infographic shows in a very comprehensive manner the fatal connection between what we think is helping us become better looking but in fact is killing us.

Fatal Attraction
Created by: Cosmetology School

After thoroughly reading the infographic for the 3rd time I am left thinking that after all, I am happy to be a European living in Europe, because it seems that our governments have banned 1222 TIMES more chemicals in cosmetics than the U.S. I am extending my hopes that if more of us take action and voice their opinion, change is to be made. Together we can stand up for our health!

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