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The Return of Woodsy Owl

In the 70’s, Woodsy Owl spread the word of honoring the environment with his, “Give a hoot, don’t pollute” message. 2011 marked his 40th anniversary and 2012 marks his return with an animated series.  Learn about Woodsy Owl’s new adventures and how his timeless message resonates even louder with a new generation of young eco-warriors.

Woodsy Owl

Woodsy Owl

In the Beginning

Woodsy Owl was created by Harold Bell in 1970 for the U.S. Forest Service. Woodsy first entered the scene through public service announcements beginning in 1971. Commercials featuring a costumed actor were also featured helping to spread the word regarding the devastation of pollution. Sterling Holloway, of Winnie the Pooh fame, voiced the now famous voice. Those who grew up in the 70’s and 80’s are sure to remember the voice and familiar Robin Hood-looking owl. Many of those children are parents with their own little ones who are sure to enjoy the fun character promoting environmental love.

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Woodsy is Needed Now

With articles featuring the garbage island as big as Texas floating around the Pacific, the U.S. Forest Service decided now is time for  Woodsy and began working with PineTree Pictures for his first animated DVD adventures. These “edu-tainment” features focus on Woodsy’s original themes of recycling, litter prevention and environmental awareness. Plots look to help children embrace a love of the environment and enjoyment for the great outdoors. Modern topics like gardening, composting bird watching and even camping will also find their way into the series. Of course children aren’t the only ones who will enjoy the new series as evident by Facebook pages honoring the owl and the popularity of Woodsy t-shirts among adults.

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Children at Pocahontas State Trail

Children at Pocahontas State Trail

Woodsy is Entertaining, Educating and Environmentally Sound

Children pick up ideas and routines quickly and are excited to learn new things. Mastering a second language is easier for children and becomes more difficult with age. However, children do not have enough resources spent on them, unfortunate in a world needing the excitement and hope children possess. Because of this, PineTree Pictures is following in the footsteps of other upstarts by having the Woodsy series utilize Kickstarter , a popular fundraising program. Here followers can even take part in Woodsy’s return by raising funds for a five-minute animated feature. It’s a wonderful way to ensure a whole new generation benefits from Woodsy Owl’s message of environmental admiration and love for the Earth. For more information you can visit the several social media outlets hosting Woodsy Owl’s return. Facebook, Google+, Twitter and Youtube will all help add to the excitement, so spread the word.

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Do you remember Woodsy Owl? What do you think of the eco-owl’s recent reemergence?

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