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Non-toxic Toys for little Girls and Boys

Today we have another Guest Post from Leigh Saluzzi, a wife, mother and vegan activist. She is the Director of Operations for the Atlanta Veg Fest, she organizes many vegan bake sales for charity, and owns far too many vegan cookbooks. Leigh is on a mission to share recipes and tips to raising a happy, healthy family. Look forward to more of her posts here on Green Living Ideas and be sure to check out her other blogs, Making a Vegan Baby and Raspberry Swirl.

As a parent, I do the best I can to make sure my child is safe and healthy. One safety concern that really surprises me as a first time mom is the potential for toxic baby toys. I was amazed to learn that many plastic toys are made with potentially harmful materials such as Bisphenol A (BPA), Polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and phthalates. And those materials are considered legal for use in many children’s products! Lead even makes its way into toys by way of paint, which will often cause a product recall.  So how do we keep these harmful carcinogens, toxins and hormone-disrupters away from the mouths of our babes?

Choose natural materials- wood, organic cotton and other natural fibers are a great place to start when seeking out non-toxic toys. When shopping for an infant or young toddler who will most certainly mouth the toy, be sure to choose toys made from wood that has been untreated, or simply coated with a natural plant wax. For older toddlers, there is a variety of engaging wooden toys available with colorful non-toxic paint.

Mobiles and other wonders from Sqrl & Bee: Check out this beautiful review here on Small Measure.

Wooden teethers and other wood toys- Little Sapling Toys

Organic cotton plush toys- Under the Nile


Under the Nile toys; image from Under the Nile

Support small business- There are plenty of artists and crafters who produce handmade toys for children, many who are parents themselves. Look for artists who use organic and natural materials, including the filler in plush toys. A search for “handmade baby toys” on will present you with a bevy of beautiful plush animals, wooden tops, fabric blocks, crocheted figures, security blankets and more.

Shop at stores with eco-friendly ideals– Lots of stores and companies cater to those of us with concerns about toy safety. Look for companies that are dedicated to selling only the safest toys. Some stores I have come across that have safe toys are Green Toys, who offer toys made from recycled plastic, Melissa & Doug, who offer product safety sheets for the toys that manufacture, and Planet Happy, who offer toys made from sustainable materials.

Playing should be fun and enriching for your child, not put them in harm’s way. Luckily more and more safe toys seem to be making their way into stores. Shop smart and keep those kids healthy!

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