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Published on December 26th, 2011 | by Sonya Kanelstrand


Easy Ways to Green Your New Year’s Eve

There are just 5 days to New Year’s Eve and although you are still enjoying your Christmas presents this is a good moment to think of creative ways to green your New Year’s Eve party.

Here are some suggestions that will not require much from you but will set you on the green track for the coming year.

1. Celebrate at home

My home is my castle, right? Throw a party at home! You will not only save money on transport but you will also be saving gas emissions. Inviting a group of friends at home could make for a very enjoyable and memorable party without the potential risks that partying in public carries.

2. Prepare for your guests sustainably

You can easily minimize the environmental impact of your New Year’s Eve home party by sending out email invitations. Don’t be overwhelmed by lack of chairs, china or cutlery. The easiest way out is to borrow some from your neighbors or to rent from a party supply store. You can also buy biodegradable disposable supplies if you prefer.

3. Decorate frugally but spectacularly

You can easily go green in your decorations too. Make your own decorations out of recyclable or recycled materials. Repurpose and reuse items like wrapping paper, magazines, newspapers, soda cans and plastic bottles to come up with creative and spectacular decorations.

4. Ditch plastic

By staying at home on New year’s Eve you will be able to prevent the food and paper waste that comes from bars and restaurants. A good eco idea is to go off plastic for your celebration. Use your own china and glassware, borrow from friends, rent or buy a set of biodegradable disposable plates and cups.

5. Prepare homemade dishes

Keep the green spirit by preparing simple appetizers at home, add fresh fruits and vegetables and use organic ingredients grown as close to you as possible. Just keep in mind that your party can be great even without spending a whole salary for it. With a little imagination and a lot of good you can have a fun and festive welcoming of the new year.

6. Don’t forget the resolutions

Traditionally this is the time for tailoring your new year’s resolutions. But repeating the same resolutions year after year only makes them stale. Why don’t you try some green resolutions for a change? There is no need to come up with big unachievable resolutions, write down some that you see possible but challenging for you and starting doing good to the earth one step at a time.

I hope you have a lovely and memorable celebration and also a very eco and environmentally responsible new year!

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