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Published on October 23rd, 2020 | by Guest Contributor


Zero Waste Subscription Boxes: The Best of the Bunch

Subscription boxes have become a huge success. No surprise here, because who doesn’t loving curated packages arriving at their doorstep? Especially in era of COVID, having things delivered is even more appealing. There are hundreds of subscription boxes available on the market and each one is unique. Our focus was to find the best zero-waste options. Keep reading to discover five subscription boxes that will add value to your zero-waste lifestyle:

1. Best for Clothes: A Curated Thrift

Maintaining a zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t mean you have to give up “new” clothes. Thrifted clothes are one way to build your closet sustainably because you reuse items that were already produced. When your garments are no longer functional, you can repurpose them into bags, rags or pillows. 

This subscription box will send you one to four clothing items monthly that have been hand-selected just for you. It’s a simple way to incorporate secondhand fashion into your wardrobe while saving items from the landfill.

2. Best for Food: Misfits Market

In the United States, 80% of all water consumed is from agricultural production. The Misfits Market is focused on sending you organic produce that was deemed too ugly or misshapen to meet supermarket standards. Fruits and vegetables are saved from being thrown out, and you receive discounted prices compared to what you would find in the grocery store.

Only 2.5% of the global water supply is freshwater, and humans are consuming more each year. By choosing to eat produce that would otherwise be wasted because of its aesthetics, you’re ensuring that the water used to produce this food isn’t squandered. The only question is, how much can you consume in a week? You’re sure to be hooked once you see the variety in every box.

3. Best for Lifestyle: Earthlove 

This subscription includes a range of products, from beauty and skincare to snacks and books. It also features upcycled accessories and items from eco-friendly businesses. Another perk: every box supports a cause, as Earthlove partners with environmental nonprofits. It’s a win-win-win!

Enjoy six to eight environmentally friendly items delivered to your doorstep quarterly. Each box can be sent as vegan, or even “beegan,” which includes products sustainably sourced from insect byproducts. All boxes use 100% recyclable plastics. If this company is singing to you, check out their Facebook and Instagram pages to catch a sneak peek of what will be in their next box.

4. Best for Sustainability: greenUP  

Delivered six times per year, this subscription is perfect for sustainable living. greenUp focuses on products that will replace the disposable plastic in your life. Only 9% of plastic in the U.S. is recycled, while 79% is sent to landfills or thrown out into nature. greenUP also gives 3% of their profits to other charitable organizations.

This box is best for sustainability because you can choose between six themes (i.e., Work Day, Market, or Clean Home) and select the category you need most. It allows a certain degree of flexibility, such as choosing between their standard products or vegan alternatives.

5. Best for Bathroom Essentials: Zedbees

Your bathroom is a rather important room in your house, so shouldn’t you have a subscription box tailored to it? Zedbees is a zero-waste subscription box that provides you with bathroom essentials. You can order their starter pack, choose a monthly subscription, send gifts, or shop sustainable products from their store.

If you’ve been wanting to make the shift to eco-friendly bathroom products, this box will help you reach your goals.

Give a Sustainable Gift

Any of these five boxes make the perfect gift for anyone desiring a more eco-conscious life. They are thoughtful and offer a great way to try environmentally friendly products. Consider sharing the subscription passion by giving the gift of sustainability to yourself or a loved one.


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