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How to Start a Worm Bin Compost

Starting Out

To start your worm bin compost, shred up a bunch of newspaper, spray it with a little bit of water and place half of it in the bottom of your bin. If you have a stackable tray system, put it in the first tray, leaving the bottom bin empty.

Then, put your worms on top of the bottom bedding. Take the other half of your shredded newspaper and place it on top of your worms. Worms don’t like light, so you want to keep them covered. Having bedding on top also helps to keep out unwanted bugs like fruit flies and gnats. Make sure it’s only as wet as a moist sponge.

Keep it this way, covered with a lid, for about a week. This allows your worms to adjust to their new home.

Then after a week, feed them a small handful of kitchen scraps. Wait until they’ve eaten all of this food before feeding more. When feeding, remember to always bury your food several inches beneath the top layer of bedding. This prevents fruit fly invasions.

Keep an eye on them frequently, to see how much they’ve eaten. Don’t feed them any more food until everything’s been eaten!

As your worms reproduce and adjust to their new home, they’ll be able to eat more and more food.

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