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Published on October 3rd, 2011 | by Sonya Kanelstrand


Busting the Energy Myths

Now that it is officially Autumn the sunlight gets slowly dimmer and the temperatures crawl steadily lower. Soon we will start turning the lights on in the morning and set the thermostat high to keep us warm all day long. It is interesting how in the cooler months although we use more energy we tend to get more dedicated to be energy-efficient but how are we to make sure that what we do to is actually useful?

There are a number of popular myths concerning the use of energy that deepen the misconceptions and lure is into wasting more unknowingly.

A striking news is that alternative fuels can not miraculously save us from Global Warming simply because while they burn clear with regards to one pollutant they still pollute and thе energy used for their emits greenhouse gases.

Read on, to rid yourself of the popular misconceptions, lies and myths about energy and to get a better understanding of what actual energy saving is.

Do you have more common energy beliefs that proved to be misconceptions to add to the list?

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