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Published on August 2nd, 2011 | by Vivian Nelson Melle


Combating Dust the Green Way

dust bunnies and feather duster

Up close and personal with dust bunnies and a feather duster.

One of the most annoying areas of household cleaning may be dusting. In certain regions, like the desert, dust is an never-ending battle. While the market is full of cleansers made for wood and now even all purpose for wood and glass, sometimes the solution is much more simple. Here are a few ways to send those dust particles packing.

Preliminary Strike Against Dust

Make the first move by removing as much surface as possible. Dust accumulates everywhere, on desks, tables, chairs and even the floor. It also accumulates on knickknacks, decorations and books. If there is an inch of space, dust will take up residence and multiply. The best way to decrease the chances of having dust is to take away potential areas for it to collect on. Clear out tchotchkes and unnecessary items. Not only will dusting be easier and necessitated less often, but it will do wonders to create a less cluttered space.

Seal the Home

Dust creeps into homes through tiny cracks and crevices. Tiny particles can filter in through the tiniest holes, so seal them out. There’s even more reason to deal with tiny openings, like ensuring energy efficiency in your home and keeping out pests. Use silicone sealer, caulking or Great Stuff to fill in holes. Very small cracks can even be filled with school glue, although the water solubility makes this inefficient in moist areas of the home.

Woo-Hoo for Water

Water is one of the first ingredients to turn to for cleaning. Water and a little elbow grease can clean up most trouble spots without adding chemicals. A damp cloth run over accumulated dust removes it for a preliminary cleaning or for daily upkeep. Make sure the cloth is only slightly damp as you don’t want to damage wood surfaces. As with any new product, you should always test on inconspicuous areas first.

The Power of Lemons

There is a great natural wood cleaner calling for only three ingredients: water, lemon juice and olive oil. Mixed together and spritzed on a cloth, this will not only wipe away dust, but condition wood and disinfect the surface. Again, test a hidden area  before use. An added benefit is the clean and crisp lemon scent that helps deodorize and freshen the area.

Fast Dust Solution

Sometimes we have mere moments to clean before guests arrive. It is hardly at the top of cleaning ethics, but blow dust to the floor where it becomes less pronounced. Using a hair dryer, blow the dust off surfaces allowing it to fall to the floor. If time allows, spend it focusing on the floors which now hold the bulk of dust and dirt.

Do you have any tips on how to keep your home naturally dust free?

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