iQ Cleaning Supplies: The Smarter Clean

When you want to be eco-friendly in your household chores, every little bit helps. Many manufacturers are working to reduce packaging for their products, and iQ cleaning supplies has a simple and innovative approach to reducing packaging and transportation costs, while providing an eco-friendly cleaning product. They sell small cartridges of plant-based concentrate, and all you have to do is fill up a spray bottle with tap water and insert the cartridge.

Image Credit: gabork iQ Cleaning supplies save on packaging and water.
Plant-based iQ Cleaning supplies save on packaging.

“In an age of ‘greenwashing,’ where it seems every manufacturer claims to have people and planet-friendly solutions (even if they have skull-and-crossbones on the label), we are committed to bringing truly environmentally-preferable solutions to the market.” — iQ About Page


They base their product on some startling statistics:

  • Each year, North Americans throw away over a billion plastic cleaning bottles.
  • 1 gallon of crude oil is needed to produce a mere 29 spray bottles.
  • Because iQ works with reusable bottles and small cartridges, they reduce the direct and indirect carbon footprint of cleaning supplies by 70%.

Created by Planet People, the products are made with non-toxic and environmentally sustainable ingredients and retail for approximately CAD 6.49, with cartridges going for approximately CAD 2.79. The low price is a result of what they save on packaging and transportation costs, which they pass on to the consumer. They currently offer glass, bathroom, floor and all-purpose cleaner. The company is based in Canada, but products are available through Hannaford and Sweetbay in the U.S.

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  • Thanks so much for posting this. It’s an excellent solution for we greenies who don’t want to mix our own cleaners from Borax, vinegar and baking soda. I would love IQ even more if they let us return the empty cartridges for refills.

  • Scott James

    Great to hear, Grace! I hear you on the refill idea- does anyone know if there is someone who does that?

  • Scott James

    Great to hear this is helpful, Grace. That’s a good idea about returning the cartridges for refills- like printers.

  • You are right Grace. I’m sick of eco advices which seems more like a recipe than like a cleaning method. There has to be a modern solution. iQ are great products.

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  • I really wanted to like this product, since it only had the cartridge and not a huge spray bottle to purchase every time. I bought the all purpose cleaner and the window cleaner. While they work just fine, they STINK! They smell so chemically it is disgusting! You would think a product trying to appeal to those who want more natural products would make natural smelling products. I will use up what I have bought, but I won’t be buying it ever again. Really too bad, I had high hopes for this product šŸ™

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  • It good be be green, and living..

  • Thanks for the alternative green tips!